Yellow alert in Delhi amidst increasing havoc of summer, adopt these effective methods for relief


Yellow alert in Delhi amidst increasing havoc of summer, adopt these effective methods for relief

Follow these tips to get relief in summer

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Summer health care tips: The havoc of scorching heat and strong sunlight has increased so much that a yellow alert has been issued in Delhi regarding this. You can adopt some methods to avoid this problem. Know about these effective measures…

The scorching heat has affected people badly in many parts of the country including Delhi. Delhi ( Summer in Delhi) The mercury is going beyond 45 degree Celsius and for this reason a yellow alert has been issued here. People are avoiding going out in the scorching heat and scorching sun, but those who are compelled are facing the brunt of this scorching heat. dehydration in summer ( dehydration ) As there are health problems, there are skin problems. (skin problems) affecting them too. The problem of heatstroke also increases rapidly in this summer season. Be it children or adults, anyone can get heat stroke. You may not be able to reduce the heat or the sun, but there are some methods that can be adopted to get some relief. Know about such effective measures…

wear cotton clothes

Whether you are going out in this scorching heat or not, you should always wear cotton clothes. Cotton clothes can easily absorb the sweat coming out of the body. Sweat due to wearing clothes made of other fabrics can cause the problem of rashes in many parts of the body. In such a situation, light and cotton clothes can prove to be best for you.

chew mint leaves

The menthol material present in it works to cool the body. You can maintain coolness in the stomach throughout the day by chewing mint leaves on an empty stomach in the morning. If you want, you can drink mint tea or a healthy detox drink. The antibacterial properties present in it protect the body from many problems.

drink things like coconut water or buttermilk

It is said that a coconut water can overcome the lack of water in the body to a great extent. It is very important to keep the body hydrated in summer and you can drink a coconut water daily for this. On the other hand, you can consume buttermilk in lunch to keep the stomach cool.

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put feet in cold water

When the body temperature rises, you may have health problems like vomiting, nausea or headache. Not only this, dehydration can also take you in its grip. Many tricks can be tried to keep the body temperature normal, one of which is to keep the feet in cold water.