World No Tobacco Day: Lung cancer cases increasing among women due to smoking, increased risk of infertility


World No Tobacco Day: Lung cancer cases increasing among women due to smoking, increased risk of infertility

Smoking is deteriorating women’s health

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According to doctors, apart from lung cancer, there are many other diseases, which can be caused by smoking. Smoking has a bad effect on every part from hair to toes.

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers and the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. Lung cancer accounts for 13% of all new cancer cases in the world. At the same time, the figure of those who lost their lives due to lung cancer in the total deaths is 19 percent. Lung cancer accounts for 6.9 per cent of all new cancer cases in India, while lung cancer accounts for 9.3 per cent of all men and women who lose their lives due to cancer. World No Tobacco World No Tobacco on 32 May every year The day (World No Tobacco Day) is celebrated, whose purpose is to raise awareness about the harm caused by the use of tobacco in any form and the ill effects of passive smoking on health.

, The theme of this year’s World No Tobacco Day is: Protect the Environment. In such a situation, Dr. T Sujeeth, Radiation Oncologist at the American Oncology Institute, Coimbatore, spoke to Tv9 and gave information about the increasing cases of lung cancer in women due to smoking.

Dr. Sujit said, ‘The number of women who smoke is continuously increasing. This means that the cases of lung cancer are also increasing in them. According to the 2021 report of the Lung Cancer Registry, the incidence of lung cancer among women has increased due to smoking in urban areas (especially Mumbai). During my last five-six practice, there has been an increase in the number of women mainly suffering from lung cancer.

Causes of risk of lung cancer in women

Dr. Sujit explained, ‘We all know that the main cause of lung cancer cases is tobacco. Due to the increasing acceptance of women who smoke, today we are seeing an increase in the cases of lung cancer. There have also been cases where women do not smoke, but due to passive smoking, they are becoming victims of cancer. Apart from this, polluted environment also plays an important role in this matter. At the same time, the third reason is tobacco. When a person smokes, his residues get deposited on clothes and even curtains. When women wash clothes at home, some residue on the clothes can get into the skin. After some time these residues go into the body of women and can harm them.

He told that when it comes to passive smoking, there is a lack of awareness. This is the biggest obstacle in the way of stopping the increasing cases of lung cancer. Dr. Sujit said, ‘Most women think that they will be affected only when they smoke. This is not true. If even one person smokes in the house, then everyone wife, children and elderly (if any) can suffer from lung cancer. As long as there is tobacco content in the house, everyone is unsafe. A smoker should understand that if his wife gets lung cancer, the whole family is affected.

However, in some parts of the country, there has been a decrease in the incidence of lung cancer in men due to smoking, while in many parts it has seen an increase. He said, ‘During the last two years, men may have given up smoking due to COVID-19, but how much this will reduce the cases of lung cancer, only time will tell.’

diseases caused by smoking

Lung cancer is not the only disease that women can get. He said, ‘Women need to understand that lung cancer due to smoking is something that can develop over time.’ Dr. Sujit said, ‘Malnutrition among women in rural areas is a big problem. Here women start consuming tobacco from the age of 14-15 years. Lung cancer cases may be less in these areas, but oral cancer and mouth cancer cases are much higher.

He told, ‘There are many other diseases, which can be caused due to smoking. Due to this, not only lung cancer occurs, but the whole body can be affected. From hair to toes, every part is affected. Infertility, cardiovascular problems and osteoporosis are also commonly seen in women who smoke.

early signs of lung cancer

In cervical, breast and even mouth cancer, the symptoms are visible from outside and are easy to identify. Apart from this, there are also screening tests, with the help of which these cancers can be easily detected, but this is not the case with lung cancer. ‘Any organ, which is inside the rib, has room to expand. This means that until the disease reaches the third or fourth stage, it is difficult to detect. If a woman has smoked at any time in the last 10 years, then she is in danger. There is a test for such people, whose name is low dose whistle. Lung cancer can be identified at any stage with the help of this test.

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