World No Tobacco Day 2022: Know how tobacco pushes you towards death! If you know the loss, then the addiction will also be missed.


World No Tobacco Day 2022: Know how tobacco pushes you towards death!  If you know the loss, then the addiction will also be missed.

Why is World No Tobacco Day celebrated?

Every year 31st May is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day. Its objective is to make people aware of the fatal consequences caused by tobacco and to reduce the number of diseases and deaths due to it.

World Health Organization (WHOAccording to this, every year around 8 million people around the world become victims of deadly diseases caused by tobacco and go to death. Every year on 31st May to make people aware about the harmful consequences of tobacco and its consumption. world no tobacco day ,World No Tobacco Day) is celebrated. In view of the diseases and deaths caused by tobacco, in the year 1987 the World Health Assembly passed resolution WHA40.38 in which it was proposed to celebrate this day on 7th April. But resolution WHA42.19 was passed in the year 1988 by unanimous consent and 31st May was fixed as the date to celebrate World No Tobacco Day. Since then every year 31st May is celebrated as World No Tobacco Day.

Every year since then, an awareness campaign is conducted on this day to reduce the diseases and deaths caused by tobacco consumption. Its theme is determined every year by the World Health Organization. The theme of World No Tobacco Day in the year 2022 is ‘Protect the Environment’. Today, on this occasion, we tell you about the harm caused by tobacco, after knowing which you will definitely take a pledge to quit it.

Know how tobacco pushes you to death

, Smoking is considered to be the biggest cause of lung cancer. Apart from this, people who consume tobacco through cigars, hookahs or pipes are also at high risk of developing lung cancer. Actually a substance called nicotine is found in cigarettes or tobacco. Which makes us addicted to it. By taking it, we feel quite good for some time. But when the brain does not receive nicotine, then a different level of restlessness increases and there is anger and irritability in nature. To satisfy the brain, a person smokes cigarettes again and again and becomes addicted to it. When taking a cigarette, he falls in the grip of deadly diseases, it is not known.

, People who chew tobacco instead of cigarettes have the highest risk of getting oral cancer. Tobacco of Mainpuri city of Uttar Pradesh is world famous. In Mainpuri, children get addicted to tobacco from a young age. You will be surprised to know that in the world most of the patients of oral cancer are found in Mainpuri. According to experts, tobacco is not only responsible for oral cancer, but also causes cancer of the esophagus and throat.

, Smoking and tobacco use increase the risk of heart disease by two to four times. Cigarettes affect a person’s brain. Due to this, the risk of getting diseases like dementia or Alzheimer’s increases significantly. Apart from this, it also affects the fertility of women.

, Smoking not only increases the risk of lung cancer, but it can cause cancer in any part of the body like liver, pancreas, stomach etc. Apart from this, the risk of diseases like paralysis, diabetes and arthritis also increases significantly due to the consumption of cigarettes or tobacco.

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, Cigarette smoke contains harmful chemicals like arsenic, formaldehyde and ammonia, which affect not only the drinker but also those around him through the smoke. In such a situation, the person who comes in contact with cigarette smoke also increases the risk of getting these diseases. These chemicals mix in a person’s blood and damage the delicate tissues of the eyes, in addition to all the organs of the body, which can affect the structure of the cells of the retina.