World Food Safety Day 2022: If you want to be healthy, then definitely follow these rules related to food


World Food Safety Day 2022: If you want to be healthy, then definitely follow these rules related to food

world food and safety day 2022

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World Food and Safety Day is celebrated every year on 7th June, so that people can be made aware about healthy and hygienic food and to avoid the risk of all the diseases caused by it. Know here about those rules related to food, ignoring which people also fall ill.

Today 7th June is the 4th World Food and Safety Day (World Food Safety Day) is being celebrated. In the year 2019, this day was celebrated for the first time in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization. Its purpose is to make people aware about the contaminated food and diseases caused by it. According to WHO, every year millions of people die due to contaminated food and a large number of people fall ill. Children younger than 5 years are at the greatest risk. To make people aware of healthy and hygienic food, this year the theme of World Food Safety Day 2022 has been kept as ‘Safe Food, Better Health’. Let us tell you on this occasion, which rules of eating are important to keep in mind for a safe and healthy life.

rules of eating

, Whenever you prepare food, wash your hands thoroughly, as well as wash vegetables etc. thoroughly with clean water. Use only after that.

, Use clean water for cooking. Also, never eat undercooked food, eat food only after cooking it properly.

, You should wash your hands and feet thoroughly before eating food. Along with this, we should also rinse, so that the bacteria do not enter inside our stomach in any way.

, Instead of having food at the dining table, sit down on a pedestal and then take food. While eating, keep your face towards east or north direction.

, Never eat each other’s leftover food, as well as chew every bite of food thoroughly. Food that is more than nine hours old should not be taken. Always try to eat fresh food. Also, use clean water for drinking as well.

, One should not drink water immediately after a meal, nor should one drink water in between meals. If needed, you can drink a sip of water. Apart from this, heavy exercise should also not be done immediately after eating.

, Avoid eating outside food, because you do not know what kind of oil, spices have been used in outside food. Due to this, the chances of falling ill also increase significantly.

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