West Nile Virus: How deadly is West Nile virus, which killed a person in Kerala and how to avoid it?


West Nile Virus: How deadly is West Nile virus, which killed a person in Kerala and how to avoid it?

A 47-year-old patient has died of West Nile virus in Kerala.

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What is West Nile virus: What is West Nile virus, how it spreads, what symptoms indicate it and how to control it? Know the answers to these questions

Tomato flu in KeralaTomato Flu) after now West Nile virus (West Nile virus) case has come to the fore. A 47-year-old man died due to infection with this virus in Thrissur district of Kerala. Although West Nile virus in Kerala (WNVThis is not the first case of Earlier, its cases have been reported in Alappuzha in 2006 and in Ernakulam in 2011. After the first death from the virus this year, Kerala (KeralaThe Health Department has issued an alert. US health agency CDC (CDC) says, most of the patients who get infected by this do not even realize that they are infected with the virus.

What is West Nile Viral, how it spreads, what symptoms indicate it and how can it be controlled? Know the answers to these questions

What is West Nile Virus?

West Nile virus is found in mosquitoes. Whenever an infected mosquito bites a human, this virus reaches it. This is how the infection spreads. The infection of this virus is spread through Culax mosquitoes. This mosquito is also responsible for spreading Japanese encephalitis.

american health agency CDC The report says, the highest risk of spreading this virus remains in the summer. When the number of mosquitoes in the environment is high. Till now no exact medicine or vaccine has been prepared for this virus.

Which symptoms indicate?

According to the CDC, not all patients show symptoms after infection. Many patients do not even understand that they are infected. Fever-like symptoms are seen in 1 out of every 5 people who get infected with it. At the same time, the condition of one in 150 of its patients can be very serious.

Mayo Clinic According to the report, its symptoms are fever, headache, vomiting, fatigue, body aches and skin rashes. Cases of high fever, coma, loss of vision and seizures are reported in patients in whom its infection is severe. If you see its initial symptoms, definitely consult a doctor.

Now understand how to defend

The more you can protect yourself from mosquitoes, the more it will survive the infection of West Nile virus, because this is the reason for spreading the disease. Wear full sleeve clothes for this. Use mosquito repellant spray at home, if there is no spray then try sleeping under a mosquito net. Do not leave doors and windows open unnecessarily. Use mesh windows and doors.

Its virus does not spread from one person to another. The CDC says, so far no such case has come to the fore.

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When there is no medicine, how is the treatment done?

So far no drug vaccine has been made for West Nile virus. Pain relievers are used for the treatment of such patients and an attempt is made to reduce the fever.