Vomiting is also a sign of a dangerous disease like brain tumor, do not be careless


Vomiting is also a sign of a dangerous disease like brain tumor, do not be careless

Brain Tumor

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Experts say that brain tumor can be easily treated, but for this it is necessary that people are aware of the symptoms of this disease and they start treatment on time.

Many types of diseases occur in our brain, but brain tumor is considered the most dangerous among them. It is a deadly disease of the brain. This disease is seen in both children and adults. Vomiting and constant pain in the head is a big symptom of this disease, but most people ignore it as a minor problem. Due to which later this disease takes a serious form and treatment also becomes difficult. Doctors say that the treatment of brain tumor is possible. But for this it is necessary to have complete information about the symptoms of this disease.

Dr. Ashish Gupta, Department of Neuro Surgery, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad said that early detection of symptoms can lead to better treatment of brain tumor. If a person wakes up in the morning and feels severe headache, vomiting and weakness in the extremities, then these may be symptoms of a pre-existing or a new tumor in the brain. In this situation, a neurologist should be contacted immediately. People should also be careful about their health.

Now this disease can be easily diagnosed

Dr. Ashish says that now the procedures that are followed in the investigation of this disease, the diagnosis is made very easily. Getting accurate results has increased the chances of getting better results. Now there has been a lot of progress and improvement in the investigation of cases of both benign and malignant tumors. Better results are coming through knowledge of different areas, better surgical techniques, radio and chemotherapy. Therefore, if the symptoms are recognized on time, then the treatment of this disease is also easily done.

Many new technologies have arrived

Dr. Anil Kumar Kansal, Senior Director, Spine Surgery Department of Max Hospital said that most of the people think that there is no cure for brain tumor, but it should not be believed. In today’s era, many new techniques have come, due to which the treatment of tumors is easily done.

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According to Dr., people who have a family history of brain tumor. That is, if this disease has happened to someone in the family, then it can also go to the second generation. Although the probability of this is only four to five percent, but still such people need to be cautious.