The names of Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar are coming in the murder of Sidhu Musewala! Know who these two are?


Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar are being named in the murder of Sidhu Musewala.

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Sidhu Moose wala Murder: After the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, the names of Lawrence Bishvoi and Goldie Brar are coming to the fore. So know about Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar…

Murder of Punjabi Singer and Congress Leader Sidhu Moosewala (Sidhu Moosewala Murder Case) After this, many types of reports are coming out. After the murder of Moosewala, it is now discussed that Lawrence Bishnoi is involved in this murder. (Lawrence Bishnoi) Gang and Goldie Brar have a hand. Even Moosewala’s father Balkaur Singh says that his son was receiving threats and ransom demands from gangster Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang. Since then the name of Lawrence Bishnoi is in discussion. Along with this, the name of gangster Goldie Brar is also in the headlines and it is believed that Goldie Brar also has a hand in the murder.

A Facebook post is also being shared on social media. In this post, it is being said on the basis of Lawrence Bishnoi, ‘I, along with my brother Goldie Brar, take responsibility for the murder of Sidhu Musewala. Whatever people say, but we have avenged the death of our brother Vicky Middukheda. Sidhu Musewala had helped him kill him. In this post, he has taken responsibility for the murder due to revenge and told that this is the beginning. However, TV9 does not confirm this post.

In such a situation, we know who are Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldie Brar, whose names are still in the headlines. Also, we know that even before this, due to which crimes these gangsters have been in the news and for what reason these two gangsters have been discussed.

Who is Lawrence Bishnoi?

Let us tell you that 31-year-old Lawrence Bishnoi is in Bharatpur jail since 2017. Lawrence is accused in many cases like attempt to murder, trespassing, robbery, harassment. Lawrence Bishnoi’s name also remains in the discussion because of Salman Khan. Actually, Lawrence is from the Bishnoi society, which is opposed to Salman Khan regarding the blackbuck case. At the same time, Lawrence had threatened to kill Bollywood actor Salman Khan, after which its name is more discussed. This is from the year 2018, whenever he was in jail. It is believed that he wants to take revenge on Salman Khan in the murder of blackbuck. Lawrence is said to have planned an attack on Salman Khan once during the shooting of the film ‘Ready’. However, she had failed.

Let us tell you that Lawrence was born in an affluent family in Dhatranwali of Ferozepur district (now in Fazilka district) of Punjab. He studied at DAV College, Chandigarh. Lawrence Bishvoi’s name rapidly emerged in student politics while studying at the Panjab University in Chandigarh. After this, gradually Lawrence became a well-known crook from student leader and his gang’s name has come to the fore in many gang wars. Let us tell you that even during student politics, Lawrence was in discussion about firing many times and according to media reports, 50 cases have been registered against him. At the same time, in the year 2011, there was a robbery with a financier in Ferozepur, in which Lawrence’s name was revealed. Then many cases have also come to the fore regarding the attack on the student leader.

Who is Goldie Barr?

Along with Lawrence, Goldie Brar’s name is also being linked with the Moosewala murder. According to reports, Goldie Brar’s real name is Satinder Singh, who is believed to be a companion of Lawrence Bishnoi. The name of Goldie Brar, who lives in Canada, had earlier also surfaced in the murder of Gurlal Singh Pehalwan. Apart from this, Goldie’s name is also involved in many crime cases, including a double murder case in Gurugram.