The hyacinth, which you throw as a wild plant, can give amazing benefits in all diseases from thyroid to high BP, know the benefits!


The hyacinth, which you throw as a wild plant, can give amazing benefits in all diseases from thyroid to high BP, know the benefits!

benefits of hyacinth

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Hyacinth grows easily in any pond or stagnant water. People throw it as weeds. But in Ayurveda, hyacinth is considered very beneficial. It can save you from all diseases. Know about the benefits of hyacinth.

water hyacinth (Jalkumbhi) is a wild plant, which grows easily in the stagnant water of rivers and ponds. It is kept in the category of weeds. To purify the water, people often uproot this plant and throw it away. But in reality, hyacinth is full of medicinal properties. According to Ayurveda experts, water hyacinth has many such properties which are helpful in present day lifestyle diseases like thyroid, high bpCan work as a panacea in all problems like asthma. But people are not aware of it. Let us know about the benefits of hyacinth.

high bp

If you want to overcome the problem of high BP, then you can use hyacinth. Watercress is rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium. In such a situation, it is considered very beneficial for high BP patients. Apart from this, hyacinth is also considered very good for the health of children. It is also beneficial for children who have worms in their stomach.


Thyroid is a common problem nowadays. Many other problems arise due to this problem related to hormones. Therefore it is very important to control it. You can use hyacinth to treat thyroid. It is usually consumed by boiling water hyacinth.

cough, cold and fever

People whose immunity is weak, they become victims of cough, cold and fever very quickly. But the use of hyacinth strengthens your immune system. By strengthening immunity, not only cough, cold and fever, but many other types of problems also go away.


Water hyacinth is also considered beneficial for asthma patients. Actually, asthma patients are advised to take vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in abundance in watercress. Anti-cancer properties are also found in watercress. If cancer patients consume it, then it prevents cancer cells from growing in the body.


Water hyacinth is also very beneficial for people who have weak memory, Alzheimer’s disease. Apart from this, it is believed that its consumption prevents the risk of cataract. It is helpful in reducing bleeding when stroke occurs. But people who are taking blood thinners should not use it.

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how to use

You can make and drink hyacinth soup, make a vegetable of its leaves and eat it. Water can also be drunk by boiling hyacinth leaves. Apart from this, hyacinth can be eaten by putting it in sprouts. But if you are using it as a medicine for any disease, then definitely consult a specialist once. Consume it only in the way and proportion given by them, so that there is no problem of any kind.