Swine Flu: Now among the corona, swine flu has increased the concern of people, know its symptoms, methods of treatment and prevention


Swine Flu: Now among the corona, swine flu has increased the concern of people, know its symptoms, methods of treatment and prevention

swine flu

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The panic of Corona is not over yet that in the meantime swine flu has increased the concern of the people. There have also been some deaths due to swine flu in Kerala, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh. Know here about the causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention related to this disease.

corona ,Corona) Now swine flu has started troubling people. Swine flu in Kerala, UP and RajasthanSwine Flu) has now created a stir among the common man. In Kerala, a girl has died due to swine flu, while in Rajasthan, more than 90 cases have been reported in the last two months, out of which two people have died. A bullion trader has also died due to swine flu in Kanpur, UP. Now three cases of swine flu have been found in Indore in Madhya Pradesh and two in Odisha. The ever-increasing cases of swine flu in the country have now increased the concern of the people. Know about this disease.

Know what is swine flu

Swine flu is an infectious disease spread by pigs. Swine flu Influenza A is also known as H1N1 virus. This disease can be spread through infected humans or animals. This disease can be spread through droplets released during sneezing and coughing of the infected, as well as through contact with infected surfaces. Its symptoms are similar to those of influenza. This virus infects the cells that line your nose, throat and lungs. The symptoms of this infection can be both mild and severe. Generally, the cases of swine flu increase in the months of summer and monsoon.

What is the history of swine flu

According to the Central for Disease Control and Prevention, the virus was confirmed to be found in 1918, although the WHO declared it a pandemic in the year 2009. At that time the first case of this disease was reported in Mexico. Soon this disease had spread all over the world. Before the year 2022, its cases have also come in India between 2009 and 2015.

Identify swine flu by these symptoms

Common symptoms include chills, fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea or vomiting, runny nose, etc. If severe, symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, pneumonia, lack of oxygen, chest pain, persistent dizziness, extreme weakness and muscle pain may appear.

Learn about treatment and prevention

, During swine flu, apart from antiviral drugs, drugs that reduce the symptoms of the infection are needed. Apart from this, the patient is advised to take rest and drink plenty of water.

, To prevent this, people above the age of six months are advised to get flu vaccination.

, It can be prevented by wearing a surgical mask, by washing hands frequently after touching anything and by taking care of cleanliness.

, In case of any of the above mentioned symptoms, consult a specialist immediately without any carelessness.

which people are more at risk

Like corona, swine flu also damages your lungs. In such a situation, people who are already suffering from lung disease, whose immunity is weak, such people are more prone to this disease.