Smoking also has a bad effect on the eyes, there is a risk of loss of light


Smoking also has a bad effect on the eyes, there is a risk of loss of light

World No Tobacco Day

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Smoking can increase the risk of diabetes by up to 40%. Apart from this, diseases can also occur in the heart, lungs and many other parts of the body.

Smoking is becoming one of the biggest causes of increasing mortality rates around the world. Tobacco causes more than 8 million deaths worldwide every year. Out of these, about 600,000 people do not smoke but they are dying due to second hand smoke. Smoking can lead to serious diseases like respiratory disease, heart disease and cancer. Experts say that due to smoking, there is a lot of damage to the eyes (Tobacco Effects on eyes). Cigarette smoke releases dangerous particles into the body. These particles spread throughout the body through blood circulation. Smoking also increases the risk of serious eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration (AMD), and diabetic retinopathy.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco day 2022, we know from experts what are the disadvantages of smoking.

Dr. Ashutosh Patil, Chief Consultant and Director, Emerald Eye Hospital and Retina Center Pune told that if this problem is not taken care of on time, it can also lead to impaired vision. It is important for people who smoke to know this. It is known that cigarette smoke can damage important parts of the eyes. All these parts of the eyes help in maintaining good eyesight.

These eye diseases can also occur due to smoking.


There is a possibility of losing sight due to cataract. This disease occurs when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy or cloudy. Because of this, the light starts decreasing and looks blurry. Smoking can increase the number of free radicals inside the eyes. This can damage the proteins and lipids in the eyes and can also lead to cataracts.

can also have diabetes

According to Dr. Ashutosh, smoking can increase the risk of diabetes by up to 40%, which can also lead to diabetic retinopathy, in diabetic retinopathy, blood vessels start getting damaged. Because of this, fluid and blood starts coming into the eyes, which can also reduce the light.

having dry eyes

Due to this disease, the eyes remain dry, which can lead to many problems.

how to take care of eyes

According to Dr., quitting smoking can keep the eyes healthy. Apart from this, these things should also be taken care of.

– Protect the eyes from the rays of the sun. wear sunglasses when going out

– Always keep the eyes clean

– Keep diabetes, berries and cholesterol under control

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Give rest to the eyes while working on the laptop.