Singer KK Death: Before the show, KK felt restlessness, questions arose on not being taken directly to the hospital, had fallen as soon as he sat on the sofa in the hotel.


File photo: Singer KK

Bollywood Singer KK Passed Away: Famous singer KK was doing a show in Kolkata for the last two days, during which he felt restless even earlier, but he ignored it.

KK Singer News: Famous Singer Cake Ko was feeling restless even before going to Nazrul Manch in Kolkata, though he ignored it and attended the program despite the restlessness. After that he sang throughout the show and was seen repeatedly wiping sweat. Despite the uneasiness, he had come to do the show and after his health deteriorated, he was first taken to a five-star hotel (Kolkata Hotel) was moved. There his health worsened even more. From there he was taken to a private hospital. where he had died. After his death, questions are being raised that if the singer is being brought to the hotel instead of the hospital first, questions are also being raised. KK’s manager Ritesh Bhatt said that after reaching the hotel, he fell down while sitting on the sofa. He had not made any complaint earlier.

Let us inform that Bollywood’s famous singer Krishnakumar Kunnath died on Tuesday night in Kolkata, West Bengal. He was popularly known as KK. KK was 53 years old. When KK returned to his hotel after singing for about an hour at a function on Tuesday night, he was feeling unwell. Officials said the singer was taken to a private hospital in south Kolkata, where doctors declared him brought dead. A senior hospital official said, β€œIt is unfortunate that we could not treat him.”

Singer KK was sweaty during the show

Let us tell you that there were different types of lights in the Nazrul Manch auditorium. Bollywood singer KK is singing a song on the stage. In the middle of the song, the artist was seen repeatedly wiping sweat from his face and forehead with a handkerchief. Many present at the event said that the artist was sweating profusely on stage, but did you feel sick during the ceremony? Did no one care about it? After the death of KK, many questions have been raised.

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KK had fallen as soon as he sat on the sofa in the hotel

KK’s manager Ritesh Bhatt told that as soon as KK reached the hotel and fell down as soon as he sat on the sofa. He had not complained earlier. On the other hand, doctors say that it is good to have dedication towards work, but if the body is giving you the signal that this time it needs a little break, then you must listen to it. Otherwise there may be danger. Musician KK’s sudden death reminds us of the same thing. The exact cause of his death will be known only after the post-mortem. Although the doctors’ initial guess is that KK died of a heart attack. A heart attack can happen, but the body tells it long ago. Little signs that we often avoid. Especially if there is work pressure, then we call it a minor illness.