Shamita Shetty Raqesh Breakup Rumor: Shamita Shetty spoke about the breakup of her and Rakesh Bapat, said – both of us ….


Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty

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Rakesh Bapat has recently shifted from Pune to Mumbai. He is also often seen spending time with Shamita Shetty, although the pair keeps a distance from the paparazzi.

Raqesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty met each other for the first time on Bigg Boss OTT. But in this show of Karan Johar, they made for the game, the fate of this pair got mixed with each other in such a way that both of them started dating each other. They have always expressed their love for each other in front of everyone, but many times the news about their break up keeps going viral on social media. Now actress Shamita Shetty has talked about these rumours. Hindustan Times In an interview given to Shamita Shetty, she said that she is happy with her personal and professional life.

Know what Shamita Shetty has to say

Revealing about her relationship, Shamita Shetty said that the rumors of her break-up with Rakesh do not affect her as they are ‘very secure people’. She says, “We (Rakesh and I) try not to let these things affect us much. Talking about the relationship, this relationship is only between two people. In this relationship it can’t be about the rest of the world what they think of you. Luckily, we both feel very secure about our all this breakup talk doesn’t affect us.”

The family has also been targeted

Shamita also said during this time that she believes, their relationship started in a reality show on a public platform, which is why the audience is curious to know about them and people like to see them together. Not only this, but he believes that a lot of pressure is put on everyone around him regarding their relationship. About Rakesh and him are asked time and again. The 43-year-old actress, further says that even before this she and her family have faced trolling many times, which has been the most difficult for her family.

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The news of breakup has gone viral many times

Shamita expects such a troller not to target anyone “below the belt”. After Shamita’s exit from Bigg Boss 15, rumors of break-up started surfacing on social media. Although many times on social media, Shamita and Rakesh have shrugged off this news. Some people had also said about these two that the reason for their separation was Rakesh’s stay in Pune while Shamita wanted him to move to Mumbai. Although all this was just rumours.