Samrat Prithviraj’s Director: Controversy gives place to debate, said- the director of ‘Emperor Prithviraj’


Director’s statement about Emperor Prithviraj

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Director Chandraprakash Dwivedi said that there is no need for creative liberty in the film, because this story is very beautiful. Famous poet Chandra Bardai has also written poetry on this.

Akshay Kumar’s controversial film ‘Samrat Prithviraj’ is all set to hit the theaters. Now the name of the film has been changed amidst new controversy about the film. Meanwhile, in connection with the promotion of the film, Akshay Kumar and the film’s director Chandraprakash Dwivedi have made many big statements about the film during an interview. Where on one hand Akshay Kumar has given his views regarding ‘Emperor Prithviraj’. At the same time, film director Chandraprakash Dwivedi has issued his statement on the issue of Hindutva. Recently, Karni Sena had protested against this film which was surrounded by controversies. After which the name of the film has now been changed. The name of the film has been changed from Prithviraj to ‘Emperor Prithviraj’.

ANI In his interview to, film director Chandraprakash Dwivedi discussed many issues. In the question asked about the production of the film, the director said that when a film is produced, then we have to take care of many things at once. The same was done with the film Emperor Prithviraj.

The director further said that even at the time of making the film Samrat Prithviraj, we had kept in our mind about the most famous folk literature. Apart from this, it was also in my mind that while producing the film, there should be no contradiction about history.

No need for creative liberty – director

Further, he said that there is no need for creative liberty in this, because this story is very beautiful. A famous poet Chandra Bardai has also written poetry on it and it is called the first epic of Hindi. Apart from this, many commentaries and commentaries have been written on it. People have done a lot of work on this, even after this they have been unable to bring it to the audience.

Questions about religious issues from Chandraprakash Dwivedi

During this, there were questions from the director regarding the religious issues and Hindutva that broke out in the country. In such a situation, on the question asked in connection with making a film about the Hindu emperor, director Chandraprakash said that he does not consider this thing as a big challenge. He said that he agrees that there are many ideas in our history and there are stories of many kings and maharajas. Despite this, there are many historical things and stories that make our history even more interesting. In such a situation, we have made this film keeping in mind the most famous literature and thought.

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Decided to tell history in detail – Director

Further, he said that till date I have never made any such film in my career which is against our history. But, in a place where our history was silent, I decided to make a film keeping that issue in mind. Regarding these gathering things, the director said that I have never done anything that opposes any proven thing. He said that I welcome protests, because protests give place to debate.