Salman Khan on Lawrence Bishnoi Hitlist: Salman Khan was also the target of Lawrence Bishnoi gang, this notorious gangster was given a betel nut


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Sampat Nehra Wanted to Kill Salman Khan: Sampat Nehra belongs to Rajgarh in Rajasthan. His father was an assistant sub-inspector in the Chandigarh Police. At present, he is retired.

Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead on 29 May. His last rites will be performed at Musa in Punjab today. The murder of Sidhu Musewala was carried out by the infamous Lawrence Bishvoi and Goldie Brar gang of Punjab, which Goldie Brar confirmed through one of his Facebook posts. Lawrence Bishnoi gang is maintaining its foothold in Punjab. Many reports have claimed that Bishnoi gang was given money by many Punjabi singers. This money would have been extorted from these Punjabi singers. There have been many famous artists on the target of Bishnoi gang for many years. The target of Bishnoi gang was not only Punjabi actors, but also Bollywood’s Dabangg i.e. Salman Khan.

Salman Khan was also on target of Bishnoi gang.

You were shocked to hear this, weren’t you? Yes, it is true that Salman Khan was also the target of Bishnoi gang in the year 2018. The gang had threatened to kill Salman Khan. The reason for this was Salman Khan’s blackbuck hunting case. According to online media reports, Lawrence Bishnoi believed in blackbuck a lot. When the case of blackbuck poaching by Salman Khan came to light, Bishnoi got furious. He gave the contract to kill Salman Khan. Bishnoi had given this supari to notorious gangster Sampat Nehra.

Sampat Nehra was arrested by the Haryana Police from Hyderabad in June 2018. In the interrogation after this arrest, he had confessed to the Haryana Police that he had organized a racket to kill Salman Khan. In the statement issued by Haryana Police after arresting Nehra, it was said that Sampat Nehra stayed in Mumbai for several days. There he did a racket outside Salman Khan’s house. He took photos outside Salman Khan’s house and also tried to find out his delu route. However, before Nehra could succeed in his plan, he was caught by the police.

Who is Sampat Nehra?

Sampat Nehra belongs to Rajgarh in Rajasthan. His father was an assistant sub-inspector in the Chandigarh Police. At present, he is retired. Sampath has done his studies from Panjab University. He used to be a prolific athlete before attending Panjab University. She participated in many competitions at the national level and won medals yesterday. When he entered student politics by taking admission in Panjab University, his world changed.

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After entering politics, he broke away from the world of sports. When the Punjab University Council elections were held, Sampat Nehra came out as the poster boy in it. He got the support of the Bishnoi gang in these elections. With this support, Sampat Nehra was able to dominate the university. Now he was neither an athlete nor could he concentrate on studies, because he had got a gun in his hands due to the Bishnoi gang. After joining the Bishnoi gang, he committed one crime after another from the year 2016. In two years he was involved in heinous crimes like murder, dacoity and extortion. However, he could not escape from the clutches of the police for long and in June 2018, the police arrested him from Hyderabad. At present, he is in jail.