Rupankar Bagchi on KK: Singer Rupankar Bagchi of Bengal got into trouble by making a controversial statement on singer KK, received death threats


Bengali singer Rupankar Bagchi’s controversial statement on KK goes viral

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Rupankar Bagchi Video: After the death of singer KK, this matter caught fire. However, Rupankar has also clarified about his video. He says that his statement has been misrepresented.

Famous singer KK (Singer KK Death) is no more with us. Everyone is remembering KK in their own way on social media. KK fans have moist eyes. On one hand, where everyone is remembering the singer in his own style. At the same time, in the meantime, a video is going viral very fast on the Internet. This video is of Bengali singer Rupankar Bagchi, in which he is seen making controversial remarks on KK. However, this controversial remark has become a noose around Rupankar’s neck. After this video went viral, he has started receiving death threats.

Anandbazar According to a report by PTI, Rupankar has been receiving death threats since he shared the video. Considering the seriousness of this matter, Rupankar and his wife Chaitali have decided to register a case with the police against the threats.

Learn about the case in detail?

Let us tell you that before the concert in Kolkata, KK had told his fans through his social media that he is going to perform live in the capital of Bengal. As soon as this news reached everywhere, everyone started talking about singer KK. This discussion also fell in the ears of Rupankar Bagchi, after which on May 30, just a day before KK’s death, he shared a video on his social media account in which he made a big statement about KK.

Rupankar Bagchi said in his statement- After listening to his songs, I realized that we all sing better than KK. Why is there so much hype? Everyone is doing KK… KK… KK… Who is it? We are better than anyone. Some of the singers I have mentioned are better than KK in any kind of performance. Why is there so much curiosity about Bombay? Look also at South India, Punjab, Odisha and Bengalis.

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After the death of singer KK, the matter took hold. However, Rupankar has also clarified about his video. He says that his statement has been misrepresented. TOI According to the report, Rupankar said that I was in Bhubaneswar and I came to know about this news after my flight landed. This is very unfortunate and shocking news. The comment made by him for KK on Facebook has been misrepresented.