Ruby Barker: Hollywood series ‘Bridgeton’ fame Ruby Barker got relief from hospital, was admitted due to mental problems


Ruby Barker shared the video Health Update

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Actress Ruby Barker, who played Lady Maria Crane in the Netflix hit show, has been discharged from the hospital. In his latest video, Ruby himself informed the fans about his health.

British actress Ruby Barker, known for her role in the historical-romance series ‘Bridgeton’, is in discussion about her health these days. Recently, actress Ruby Barker was admitted to the hospital after battling with mental health on the previous day. According to media reports, the actress has been discharged from the hospital at present. Ruby herself shared information about her mental state with her fans through a video post on her Instagram (Ruby Barker Instagram). Since then, the discussion about his health is hot on social media.

Actress Ruby Barker, who played Lady Maria Crane in Netflix’s hit show on the OTT platform, shared a video before being admitted to the hospital. Giving her health update with fans on her official Instagram, she said that taking a little break means she is taking a small break.

After this, the comments of fans and audience on his post created panic on social media. The well-wishers of the actress started worrying about her illness and started sending her prayers for her speedy recovery. However, now the actress has been discharged from the hospital.

Shared health updates by making videos

In her latest video on Monday, actress Ruby has once again shared information about her health to the fans. She told in the video that she has got relief from the hospital and is currently spending her time at Nature Retreat. Earlier, in the video she shared, she had told that she is not able to feel good about her health.

The future is not known – Actress Ruby Barker

Apart from this, in her video, the actress has thanked the fans for telling them about her health. He said that now he is out of the hospital and many thanks to the fans and well-wishers for supporting him. Further she said that I do not know about the future. She just wants to live in today.

Ruby thanks the fans for their support

Not only this, thanking the fans and said that thank you all, for your blessings and this blessed day. After that he prayed to the fans to take care of them. She further added that always take care of your people. Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate and don’t forget to take care of them.

Said thanks to the medical team and media

Along with this, Bridgeton Star gave special thanks to his team. At the same time, he also thanked the media for giving his health updates to his fans along with the medical team of the NHS for taking care of him during this time.

Actress Ruby mentions Bridgerton co-star

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The actress, who was discharged from the hospital due to mental health problems, also shared her meeting with her co-star during this time. He told that actor Claudia Jessie, who played his co-star in Bridgeton, told him to try to keep calm and cool. Along with this, keep your focus on maximum positive and funny things.