PUBG Game: Children are getting addicted to games like PUBG due to dopamine, get rid of this addiction


PUBG Game: Children are getting addicted to games like PUBG due to dopamine, get rid of this addiction

Children’s mental health is getting worse by playing games on the phone

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The mental health of children is getting worse due to the addiction of PUBG game. This is affecting their mind too. Children’s ability to think and understand is being affected and they are going into depression

The addiction of playing PUBG game in children is increasing. Because of this, their mental and physical health is deteriorating. Alam is that children are also becoming violent because of the game. An example of this has come up in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Where a 16-year-old boy shot and killed his mother for refusing to play PUBG. Doctors say that due to the addiction of the game, the brain of the children is also not working properly. Their ability to think and understand is being affected. Children are going into depression. He is facing many kinds of health problems.

Dr. Rajkumar Srinivas, a former psychiatry specialist of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), told in a conversation with Tv9 that the reason for increasing the addiction of PUBG in children is Dopamine. This is a neurotransmitter made in the brain. Before playing a game, children are happy and dopamine is released in their brain. When he continues to play the game, the level of dopamine in his brain keeps on increasing. Due to which the level of happiness also increases and its increased amount forces to play the game continuously. Dopamine is also called the feel good and feel happy neurotransmitter. When its level starts increasing, then children are not able to leave the game even if they want to.

Dr. Rajkumar told that dopamine can be released in people’s brains for different reasons. Dopamine also affects our body’s activity, ability to work, behavior and organs. Because of dopamine, children leave all work and keep playing games. Because it keeps them feeling happy.

Children understand the outside world as a part of the game

Dr. Rajkumar told that due to the addiction of the game, the mental health of the children is also affected. This is affecting their mind too. Because of this, children try to live the game world in real life as well. This is the reason that sometimes they put their own life at risk. The way they attack each other in the game. Similarly, in real life also they become violent.

A great example of this is the incident in Lucknow. Where the child shot and killed the mother when she stopped playing PUBG. That’s why this incident happened. Because due to continuous playing of games, the mental health of the child had deteriorated. He was addicted to the game. He started considering the outside world as a part of the game. Because of this, the love and feeling towards his mother had ended in him. He also considered them as a part of the game and in this sequence he shot his mother.

getting a variety of diseases

According to Dr. Rajkumar, children’s eyes are getting weak due to playing games. Irritability is increasing in them. Children are also facing the problem of back pain and tiredness. Sleeping disorder is also being seen in many children.

This problem has increased after Corona

Senior Psychiatrist Dr. Arun Kumar said that after the corona epidemic, the addiction of playing games in children has increased more. This has happened because due to Corona, the children stayed at home for almost two years. His studies also took place online. During this he always had a smart phone. To entertain themselves and entertain themselves, children resorted to games in the phone, which is now becoming a big problem.

According to Dr., addiction of not only PUBG but any type of game can be dangerous for the child.

Get rid of game addiction like this

Set a time limit for giving phones to children: Dr. Arun told that what should be the time limit for giving phone to the children. Do not give phone to children for more than one or half an hour per day. If they have no work on the phone or laptop, then try to stay away from the phone or laptop

Get used to playing outside According to Dr., it is necessary to inculcate the habit of playing outside in children. The reason for less outdoor activities is that children have become addicted to phones. Try to take the children to the park for at least one to two hours in the evening.

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Get inspired to learn something new in your spare time: Dr. Arun told that in the free time, motivate the children to learn something new. Teach them swimming. Teach books related to general knowledge. If the child is fond of dancing or singing, then get them coached.