Nargis Dutt: Interesting tales related to the first lady of Indian cinema who made records from Padma Shri to Politics


Born in Kolkata, Nargis’s real name was Fatima Rashid.

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Nargis Dutt Birth Anniversary: ​​Raj Kapoor and Nargis met in 1948. Then she was 20 years old and had done 8 films. After this meeting, there was such a deep friendship between the two that at one time Nargis even sold her jewelry for the troubled RK Films.

Nargis Dutt (Nargis Dutt) i.e. the first lady of Indian cinema who received the Padma Shri (Padma ShriMade many records from ) to politics. Nargis Indian Cinema (Indian CinemaShe was the first actress who got the Padma Shri. Became the first actress to be nominated in the Rajya Sabha. Not only this, she was given the Best Actress Award for Mother India at the Karlovy Vary International Festival. Nargis was the first Indian actress to receive an award from this institution. Born on June 1, 1929 in Kolkata, Nargis’s real name was Fatima Rashid. She first appeared on the screen at the age of 5 in the film Talaash-e-Ishq, but in the true sense, the film career started in 1942 with the film Tamanna.

Today is the birthday of Nargis Dutt, who has proved her beauty and acting in Indian cinema, on this occasion know some interesting stories of her life.

Interesting story of first meeting with Raj Kapoor

According to a BBC report, Raj Kapoor and Nargis met in 1948. Then she was 20 years old and had worked in 8 films. Actually, Raj Kapoor was looking for a film studio, at that time Nargis’s mother Jaddan Bai was shooting in a famous studio. He felt that Jaddan Bai could give a better idea of ​​what kind of facilities the studios had. That’s why Raj Kapoor reached his house to meet them, but had an encounter with Nargis.

Leaving the pakodas frying in the kitchen, she came to open the door. The gram flour in his hands got on his hair. On seeing this, she settled in the eyes of Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor was so impressed with him that the same scene was filmed in his banner film Bobby on Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia. After this he was cast in Raj Kapoor’s film Aag. Both worked together for a long time and also developed a deep friendship.

When Nargis sold her jewelery for RK Films

Nargis and Rajpur were so attached to each other. An example of this is found in Madhu Jain’s book ‘First Family of Indian Cinema – The Kapoors’. Madhu Jain writes in her book, Nargis started investing her heart, her soul and her money in Raj Kapoor’s films. In the era of flop films, when RK Studio was struggling with money, Nargis sold her jewelry to compensate for the money. Other producers did films like Adalat, Ghar-Sansar and Lajwanti to help RK Films.

Mahabaleshwar had to make Kashmir on the mother’s refusal

It was not easy for Raj Kapoor to cast Nargis for his debut film ‘Aag’. Many conditions were laid for this. Nargis’s mother Jaddanbai made a condition that the daughter’s name should be named after Kamini Kaushal and Nigaar Sultana in the poster of the film. A condition was also laid for them to increase the remuneration from 10 thousand to 40 thousand rupees.

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When Raj Kapoor talked about taking Nargis to Kashmir for the shooting of Barasat, her mother Jaddanbai flatly refused. As a result, the set of Kashmir was made in Mahabaleshwar.