Monkeypox virus: Monkeypox has spread in 29 countries so far, total cases exceed one thousand


Monkeypox virus: Monkeypox has spread in 29 countries so far, total cases exceed one thousand

Monkeypox disease has spread in many countries

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Britain has the highest number of cases of monkeypox. This virus is spreading rapidly and its cases have been reported in about 29 countries. CDC has asked to be cautious about this virus.

About a month ago, the first case of monkeypox virus was reported, but seeing this virus has spread its feet all over the world. So far, more than one thousand cases of this virus have been reported in 29 countries. America’s health agency Center for Disease Control has expressed concern about monkeypox and raised its warning level. The CDC has said that all precautions need to be taken to prevent this virus. Experts also say that monkeypox can prove to be dangerous. This puts the youth at greater risk.

Britain has the highest number of cases of monkeypox virus. Here this virus has been confirmed in 301 people. Apart from this, cases of this virus are also increasing continuously in Germany, Canada and Spain. Although there are not many cases of human-to-human transmission and no case of death has been reported, but the CDC has issued a warning about this. People have been advised to avoid coming in contact with people coming from monkeypox affected countries. Apart from this, take care of hygiene and cleanliness in the house. Do not come in contact with wild animals and if the rash is coming out on the body, then consult the doctors immediately.

There may be danger from this virus

Dr. Jugal Kishore of Safdarjung Hospital says that no case of monkeypox has come to India yet, but one has to be cautious about it. Because the outbreak of this virus can be dangerous. Especially young people can be troubled by this. This is because people who have been vaccinated against small pox. They will not be more at risk than monkeypox. Since the small pox epidemic was over in 1980 itself. In such a situation, no one has been vaccinated after that. In such a situation, there is a need to protect the youth from monkeypox.

less contagious than corona

Dr. said that even though the cases of monkeypox are increasing, but it will not become a serious epidemic like Corona (Covid19). Its cases will definitely increase in the coming days, but as lakhs of cases were coming in Corona. It will not be. However, all necessary steps will have to be taken to prevent this.

These are the symptoms


rash on body

muscle pain

body ache

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