Monkeypox: Monkeypox can also make children a victim, WHO issued an alert


Monkeypox: Monkeypox can also make children a victim, WHO issued an alert

The body of a person infected with monkeypox.

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According to the World Health Organization, countries where there were no cases of monkeypox. This time its cases are being reported there too. This virus can harm children and people with weak immunity.

The cases of monkeypox virus are increasing continuously around the world. So far, more than one thousand cases of this virus have been reported in 29 countries. It is a matter of concern that this virus can also make children its victims. The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an alert in this regard. WHO says that cases of monkeypox virus have not yet come in children, but this virus can infect them. Apart from this, people who have low immunity. They can also be at risk from this. In such a situation, there is a need to strictly follow all the rules of protection. The World Health Organization has said that tracing and surveillance will have to be increased to identify the infected of this virus and the people who come in contact with them.

In view of the increasing threat of this virus, those countries also have to be alert, where its cases have not come yet. Because this virus was usually found only in the countries of Africa, but this time the kind of cases coming in many countries can be a matter of concern. Especially those people who are already battling with any disease need to be cautious.

Experts have also agreed on this statement of the World Health Organization. Dr. Yudhveer Singh of the Critical Care Department of AIIMS says that even though there has been no case of monkeypox in India, but if there is an outbreak in the country, then the cases may increase. Children may be at risk because the symptoms of this virus are similar to small pox. In such a situation, it can be difficult to differentiate between monkeypox and smallpox. For this it is necessary that people have complete information about monkeypox.

These are the symptoms of monkeypox



Rash on the body on the fourth or fifth day of fever

feeling weak

This virus will not take the form of an epidemic

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Dr. Yudhveer Singh says that even though the cases of monkeypox are increasing, but this virus will not take the form of an epidemic. Because of this the cases of human to human infection are very less. Apart from this, this virus can also be controlled with small pox vaccine. There is no mutation in the monkeypox virus. This is an old virus. In such a situation, it will not be as dangerous as that which was caused by the corona virus (Covid19).