Mannat’s Name Plate Stolen: Was the name plate of Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Mannat’ stolen? What is the whole truth…


Shahrukh’s Mannat nameplate

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According to media reports, the nameplate of Shahrukh Khan’s house has been sent for repair. Once repaired, it will be put back in its place again.

Mannat, the house of the King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan, is no less than a paradise. You read it right, Shahrukh Khan’s house is often in the headlines for its beauty and luxurious style. Not only this, Mannat is also quite popular for tourist spots all over the city. These days Shahrukh Khan’s bungalow has once again become a topic of discussion. But, this time the reason is not its beauty but a tragedy. Yes, an incident has happened with Mannat. Due to which it is becoming viral on social media, in fact, the nameplate outside Mannat has disappeared. Which the fans of Shahrukh Khan have noticed.

Shahrukh Khan’s house is often known as a tourist spot for fans. Last month, fans saw a changed new name plate outside his house after years. After which now she has suddenly disappeared. As soon as this news spread, questions have started on social media.

At present, this topic of Mannat’s nameplate is trending more on social media. The question of people on Twitter and other social media platforms is that after all, where did the name plate of Shahrukh’s house go? Along with this, the fans are also very curious to know the reason behind it.

Repairing Mannat’s name plate

According to media reports, the nameplate of Shahrukh’s house has been sent for repair. Once repaired, it will be put back in its place again. Also, many fans on social media are standing outside Shahrukh’s house making videos and posting it. Through their post, the fans also say that it seems that the name plate of the actor’s house has gone to be repaired.

Users asking different types of questions

At the same time, some users also say that someone has stolen the name plate of Shahrukh’s house. Apart from this, some are also thinking that maybe Gauri Khan has done some design experiment with the name plate. Tagging Gauri Khan, a user wrote that today the name plate is missing from Mannat, which means full-on experiment is going on.

The name plate of ‘Mannat’ was worth Rs 25 lakh

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Some earlier reports have also said that the new name plate of Mannat, which was installed in April, was worth Rs 25 lakh. However, there is no confirmation of this report. On the other hand, talking about Shahrukh’s workfront, the actor will soon be seen in his film Pathan, made under the banner of Yash Raj.