Mankirat Aulakh claims, nothing to do with the manager whose name appeared in Sidhu Musewala’s murder


Mankirat Aulakh

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It is being claimed about Mankirt Aulakh that he is related to Lawrence Bishnoi gang which informs him about the safety of singers.

Sidhu Musewala (Sidhu Moose Wala) There is an earthquake in the politics of Punjab after the murder, but the Punjabi industry is in a lot of shock. Recently, an emotional video of Musewala’s family also surfaced in which his father was seen moaning. Punjabi singer Mankirat Aulakh for the murder of Moosewala (Mankirt Aulakh) was being blamed and a manager associated with him was being talked about, which has now been clarified by Mankirat Aulakh himself and shared a reel of videos on Instagram Stories. He has said many things in this video.

Punjabi singer Mankirat Aulakh clarified

While sharing the reel of videos on Instagram Story, Mankirat Aulakh said that, it is very sad that my brother Sidhu Musewala is not with us today. For a parent, the loss of his son is very sad. He was the pride of our industry. I have gone live with you because I had to talk to you a little bit. I pray to these media people with folded hands that if you can’t print well then don’t print bad either. First of all, by writing about whom you write that he does it, he does it. Is anyone a witness? Today that thing you have published about me was Mankirat’s manager. whose manager? Why are you writing these stupid things? I am not afraid that someone will kill me or do something, do whatever you want to do.

The whole industry is in shock… the whole of Punjab is in shock, what happened and you are publishing such things about me that Mankirat’s manager. First of all, you should verify who is the manager and whose manager? Don’t do this man… with folded hands… I am praying with folded hands, do not do this work. Wrote a lot of things about me but I never even replied but today I can’t stay. Somebody’s son is dead man and you are competing on him, don’t do this. This is a prayer with folded hands from all the news channels. It has a relationship with that gangster, it has a relationship with that gangster and has risen on its own. Have not risen with the help of anyone, but have risen up by working hard. Whoever they are today, they are on the strength of their hard work.

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Mankirat Aulakh has been accused of relationship with Lawrence Bishnoi

For your information, let us tell you that it is being claimed about Mankirat Aulakh that he is related to Lawrence Bishnoi gang which informs him about the safety of singers. Although, we do not know how much truth is there in this matter, but now Mankirat Aulakh has put his point in front of the people through some videos.