Learn the strategy behind Top Gun: Maverick, a full-length feature film featuring America and Tom Cruise


Hollywood superstar Tom Krause in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

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In the new film, Maverick (Top Gun: Maverick) flies his hypersonic plane to Mach 10, or ten times the speed of sound, and smokes the command of the Admiral above him.

Prahlad Srihari : Four decades after the release of the film that made tremendous recognition as an actor, Tom Cruise is once again seen sitting in the cockpit of an American fighter plane, which has revitalized the American film industry along with him. Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to the reminiscent of the old days, which is many times better than its earlier film. The very first flight scene testifies to the scale and ambitions of the film. Cruise’s angry Navy pilot Pete in the original 1986 filmmaverickMichelle receives a warning from a civilian instructor who blows her mind, “You can’t be happy unless you fly at Mach 2 incendiary.”

This Sequel Is Actually A Classic ‘Maverick’

In the new film, Maverick flies his hypersonic plane at Mach 10, or ten times the speed of sound, and smokes the orders of the Admiral, the naval officer above him, while defying his body’s maximum capacity. Taking a reference from the old movie, this sequel is actually a classic Maverick trick.

The film begins with an evening scene with background music from Kelly Login’s Danger Zone in which marines signal the aircraft carrier’s airstrip to prepare for landing and take off. The flight team in the film has been given very interesting names Cyclone, Hangman, Warlock, Payback, Coyote. In the middle of the film, scenes like advertisements also come during the scene: Maverick is seen driving a Kawasaki ninja in one place. He is wearing aviator glasses and helmet is missing.

What is the story?

People here are actually being sold a product showing American exceptionalism. Only the original film was very clear about its intentions. The film has captivating dialogues (“I feel the need, need for speed”), high fives, red, white and blue title designs of players repeatedly pawing at each other while playing beach volleyball, on a motorcycle. Sitting Tom Cruise and co-star Kelly McGillis and the American flag in the background make everything seem like war is being sold as part of a normal lifestyle and there is no doubt that the film instilled a sense of patriotism among many Americans. Of.

When Top Gun hit theaters in the 80s, the Cold War had reached its final stage. In a Silver Jubilee article for The Washington Post, David Sirota wrote about how the American people were concerned about their military preparedness in the eighties and how the film cleared their doubts. He writes, “Not only did the Army’s enrollment increase with the release of Top Gun, and not only did the Navy conduct recruitment drives in movie theaters, but the survey also showed people’s growing confidence in the Army.

Cruise is freezing in the film

Casting a charming rising star like Cruz to play a top pilot who single-handedly shoots down Russian MiG-28 planes and can’t sleep with his female coach, America’s fighters are also a different personality. provides. If Maverick challenged the figures, it made him even more American. It was in line with his identity which runs out of the box.

Continuing the tradition, Top Gun: Maverick also looks to us like an ad for a new recruit – and that too in a much better way. Director Joseph Kosinski creates excitement in the flying scenes. Lady Gaga’s ballad dilutes the masculine energy and gives the hero a great platform to soar through the air, making Top Gun: Maverick the most captivating means of expression.

In today’s era when unmanned aircraft are in vogue, the team at Top Gun struggles with the obsolescence problem with manned pilots but maintains an appeal due to the stringent standards and pilots. In both films, each military chief speaks of the indomitable potential and best quality of the chosen ones: “the best of the best,” “the fastest man alive,” and so on. It has become common now to dodge people like this. Even when it is being presented by putting it in the syrup of modern culture.

For example, the Marvel films also create a symbiotic relationship with the US Department of Defense (known as the Department of Defense or DoD or colloquially as the Pentagon) that benefits both. The deal goes like this: state-of-the-art hardware, access even where the common man cannot reach, and the investment required, studios must ensure that the military is not misrepresented.

In a careful attempt at diplomacy, Top Gun movies keep their villains anonymous or unidentified. The original film featured Maverick and his comrades in combat with six MiGs, while the sequel featured them with some Su-57s. But neither the model of the warplane nor the name of any country has been taken.

It is not that America still does not consider itself the leader of the “free world”. Not revealing identity is outright a capitalist idea and not an anti-communist approach. In simple words we can say that it is a choice determined by the market and not of the army.

This is why the red, blue and white color of the title design is now just white. If Paramount wants Top Gun: Maverick to hit theaters around the world, it can’t afford to offend any nation. (It is pertinent to mention here that the Taiwanese flag on the original Maverick’s bomber jacket was changed to vague symbols in 2019 trailers to be shown in Chinese cinemas – a move that was sharply criticized and reversed.)

The new film Maverick shows a new batch of recruits training – yes, even the best of the best – on an impossible mission: to reach an enemy base while flying low in a narrow valley, to an existing uranium enrichment plant. Destroy what has been secured with a guided weapon system and return to a safe US naval base. From the uranium enrichment plant with the icy conditions in the film, it appears that the “enemy” may be North Korea. But here it is all irrelevant.

With the global box office in mind, the makers of Top Gun: Maverick seem to be trying to reach out to as many ethnic groups as possible, so the unnecessary chuckles of the ’80s aren’t in the new sequel because they won’t work in today’s world. Here even the love scene does not involve chasing a woman to the toilet. Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly) is the daughter of an admiral who had a minor role in the original film. In the new avatar of the film, she is a single mother whom the hero himself loves.

sexless blockbuster movie

The manhood which was shown fiercely in the previous film has been reduced in the new film. In this era of sexless blockbusters, a sex scene has been kept only as a cut-away to keep pace with the changing attitudes.

In the 36 years between the original film and the new sequel, Tom Cruise has grown from stardom hero to mythical figure. This is how Top Gun: Maverick, like the recent Mission: Impossible movies, capitalizes on the exceptionalism of Tom Cruise in the same way it does American exceptionalism. Because it cannot be denied that there is no other like him.

If he was happy to look attractive in Top Gun, here in the Super Hornet fighter plane, his face gets distorted due to constant high climbs due to the full force of gravity. He gives his whole soul to his character in the film and is not afraid to do delicate looking scenes when needed. He swoops in full action mode when on a thrilling flight and manages to make the plane dance like a pulley when needed. There are many meanings of sound or anger here which represent a lot in the film.

Keeping one’s ego aside and guiding a team in such a way that they collectively do some outstanding work, can be called a metaphor in itself for filmmaking. Hollywood’s blockbuster model has been running for a long time because every studio out there is running on a ready-made rut. A film like Maverick was needed to raise the level.

In Maverick, when the trainee of all warplanes is at his best in the training scene, there comes a moment when he seems to be flying like the Icarus of Greek mythology. Icarus dies by drowning in the sea due to the melting of wax feathers close to the sun, but these trainees can fly comfortably even in the bright light of the sun while retaining their wings.

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That is, this film is also exactly like Tom Cruise, who is the last action hero of our era. His importance is such that people still provide checks for his work and his body redeems them.