Laal Singh Chaddha: Trailer gives hope that a great movie can be seen


Lal Singh Chaddha

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Many historical places are shown in the trailer, including India Gate and a Jatayu Nature Park in Kerala which was built only in 2018. It will be known only after the movie comes that in which events of Indian history Lal Singh Chaddha’s entry has been made.

Lal Singh Chaddha (lal singh chaddha) Trailer begins, Aamir Khan (Aamir KhanWhatever Honda is with this dialogue, we do it, or else we keep on flying, flying from here to there and along with it a wing falls at their feet. While this trailer ends, with Aamir Khan’s second dialogue, my mother used to say, life is like golgappe, stomach should be filled, mind is not filled. Interestingly, both the dialogues are spoken in the same scene, he is in a train in Sardar’s getup, asks questions in the first dialogue and answers himself in the second. The whole trailer tells that life can take us wherever, but the mind still does not fill up.

That is, the show must go on, joy ride is like Kareena Kapoor ( Kareena Kapoor) With the trailer of his upcoming movie Laal Singh Chaddha. The official Hindi remake of Tom Hanks’ movie Forrest Gump. So whoever has seen Forrest Gump and remembers it, then every scene of this trailer of Lal Singh Chaddha will be understood, only the Aamir Khan effect is in it. Once upon a time, it seems that Aamir Khan will copy scene after scene? Or you will surprise everyone by making any changes in the climax like the remake of Shahrukh Khan’s Don. The answer will be available only on August 11, when this movie will be released.

This film will remind you of Aamir’s old films

First of all, know that this movie will remind you of many old Aamir movies like 3 Idiots, whose 3 Idiots are also in this movie, Aamir-Kareena and Mona Singh. Although the trailer is telling that in this movie, Mona Singh is in the role of mother instead of her sister-in-law.

You will also find this movie like PK because in this movie he is doing such a character, who is physically challenged in childhood and at the same time has low intelligence, but is of good health, so gives pleasure to everyone. Just like PK. The director of this movie, Advait Chandan also stepped into the direction of an old movie Secret Superstar of his own production. Now understand the full story from the trailer, a child goes to school with his mother Mona Singh, then it is found that he has a problem with his feet, and the teacher also tells him to be slow. At the very beginning, a girl in the class asks him what happened to your feet? Then the boy answers that nothing, I am completely fine, she immediately asks another question, where do you live?, The answer is received, witch your house. Both of them are Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Those who later get separated for a long time.

A story 20 years ahead of the story of Forrest Gump

Then there is a scene in the trailer that how Aamir recovers his legs with the help of his mental strength and the encouragement of his mother, runs in the race and wins, then goes to the army. In one scene, a friend of his is seen in the trailer joking with the boys’ underwear, this is Naga Chaitanya, Nagarjuna’s boy. Was working in Telugu till now, but this will be his debut in Hindi. Naga and Aamir i.e. Lal Singh Chaddha will plan that after the end of the army job, they will further do fishery business, although it was in the original film Forrest Gump, there could be some other business in this movie. But the trailer shows an explosion, a short assault and a fight, in which Aamir Khan receives an award from the President for his bravery. In this battle, Aamir has some misunderstanding with his military friend. In this trailer, there is a scene of Aamir getting the award at the hands of President KR Narayanan, who was the President from 1992 to 1997. This shows that the story has been filmed about 20 years ahead of the original movie Forrest Gump.

Viewers have to understand that Aamir’s movie trailer has been shown largely romantic, but it is shown in Forrest Gump that the hero is present during many historical events of America and connects to many funny incidents. During this, his scenes with two or three US Presidents were shown. For example, in a scene during the Watergate scandal, he is seen talking to Nixon.

A scene from KR Narayanan receiving the award

All that will happen in this movie but it is not visible in the trailer, there is just a scene of taking award from KR Narayanan. Then many historical places have also been shown, such as India Gate and there is also a Jatayu Nature Park in Kerala, while it was built in 2018. So only after a lot of movies will come, it will be known in which events of Indian history Lal Singh Chaddha’s entry has been made. Here Kareena Kapoor meets Lal Singh Chaddha many times in this movie, then gets separated. In a scene in the trailer, she will refuse Lal Singh Chaddha’s love proposal, but the reason behind her being an anti-war activist in the original movie, she also had a virus problem. In this trailer, you will also see both of them playing table tennis, in fact in the original film, the hero also raises the flags after retirement from the army in the career of table tennis, then in one scene Aamir will be seen running in the mountainous paths, this will be Aamir’s last career. To be the champion of relay race.

In such a situation, this trailer seems like a romantic story, it seems to be the story of a person who achieves an impossible goal, that too but the big thing will be Lal Singh Chaddha’s entry into the historical event, he is missing from the trailer and maybe this is the movie. will give a turning point. In such a situation, the name of actor Atul Kulkarni for the screen play comes as a surprise, but Aamir may have learned lessons in this movie after getting setback in Thugs of Hindostan, it is believed.

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Another special thing that attracts you in the trailer is its locations, it is being said that it has been shot in 100 locations. You can feel the sight of superb cinematography in the trailer itself, so there is hope that Aamir Khan is again coming up with a big block buster movie.