Know about those signs, which show that your liver is 75 percent bad!


Know about those signs, which show that your liver is 75 percent bad!

Know the signs of liver damage

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Liver health care tips have a great impact on the health of the liver due to impaired lifestyle and wrong diet. There are many signs and symptoms of liver damage. These symptoms or signs can be seen in about 75 percent of liver damage.

Liver is one of the important organs of our body and if its health is not good, then many problems start forming in the body. unhealthy food and spoiled Lifestyle ( Bad lifestyle ) Because of this, nowadays people have fatty liver. ( Liver health care tips ) There is a problem of increasing the size. In such a situation, the ability of the affected person to eat starts weakening. If fatty liver is ignored, then your liver can also get damaged at one point of time. In this condition, the method of liver transplant can be adopted, but sometimes it is also not successful.

Some symptoms are not visible in the beginning when the liver is fatty, but when it becomes about 75 percent bad, then many health problems start happening. We are going to tell you about some such signs or symptoms, which can tell that about 75 percent of your liver is damaged. Learn about them…


Fatigue can often occur due to liver failure or its weak health. It has been seen that people ignore fatigue as a normal problem. If you often feel tired or weak, then this indicates that your liver is moving towards a state of damage. If tiredness or weakness is frequent, then you should contact the doctor immediately.

Digestive problems

Wrong diet or a disturbed lifestyle can make the stomach a home of diseases. People often have problems of indigestion, acidity, gas. Digestion is affected due to fatty liver. The ability to digest food begins to weaken. If there is pain in the stomach after some time after eating, then contact the doctor and get yourself checked up.

weight loss

If any serious problem in the body catches us, then the body weight starts decreasing. If your digestive system is weak or does not work properly then the food is not digested in the body. That’s why your weight starts decreasing rapidly. Due to not digesting food, the body does not get the necessary nutrients, due to which the risk of other diseases increases.

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yellowing of the eyes

If the liver is in a state of damage, then there are chances of jaundice in this condition. According to experts, when there is a problem in the liver, yellowness starts appearing on the eyes and skin. Do not ignore this sign.