KK’s death: The pressure of live performance, the lives of the artists are stuck amidst the mismanagement of the organizers


After the death of Bollywood’s famous singer KK, all kinds of things are going on on social media, in which the reason for KK’s death is being told about the negligence and negligence of the organizers. However, in this case, celebrities like Anu Malik, Kailash Kher and singer Amit Gupta say that the matter should be investigated first.

His fans were disappointed by the news of KK’s sudden death. His songs were being mentioned on social media. But the posts of two-three fans present in the program have put the organizers in the dock regarding KK’s death. Allegations have been made in these posts that how the AC of Nazrul Mancha Auditorium in Kolkata was not working properly. KK also complained, but it was not corrected, he was wiping sweat. So in such a situation, the question has also started to arise whether KK’s death was not natural, did he come under pressure due to the negligence of the organizers?

While talking to TV9, famous music composer and fun singer Anu Malik said that no opinion should be made in this matter too soon. For this, an opinion should be formed only after seeing the police interrogation and KK’s post-mortem report. Anu Malik says, “Since he was not a new singer, he had done hundreds of such shows. He knew there would be a crowd. And he knew how to handle the organizers. So it does not seem that he will be under any internal pressure. But did he have any problems before, did he have a headache or any other problem before doing the show? All this can be told only by the people close to him, such as his manager, make-up man, any other colleague of his or the organizers present on the occasion. The police should interrogate him, see the post-mortem report and only then an opinion should be formed.”

KK was very dedicated to work

Obviously, Anu Malik knows that on this occasion, any word that comes out of his mouth can become a media headline, so he talked in silence. But the sadness that he had about KK’s departure was clearly visible in his voice, not knowing how many films KK has worked with Anu Malik. KK sang for her in films like No Entry, Aks, Hera Pheri, Main Hoon Na, Alam. Anu said, “KK was a very good person, he was lively, only music and then family, simple life, no alcohol, no cigarette, no party, nothing to do with anyone, just used to work. Used to eat food on time, used to sleep early, we were shocked that how can such a man suffer a heart attack.

Anu Malik

Anu Malik

However, Anu Malik says that he was very dedicated to the work, so much so that once he had come to record his song even in fever. Anu Malik refused, yet he recorded the song, and even then there was not the slightest difference in his voice. So it may be that he continued to sing in Kolkata despite his ill health. Anu Malik says, “He had a great desire to sing a patriotic song like Border Ka Sandesh Aaye Hai, I had also promised him. When his song kept sighing from this heart of tadap-tadap .. I said, yaar ye kya ga gaya, no song can break it, then KK said Anuji aapka woh song to chaloon… Is excellent too. Not only Anu Malik, all the people associated with KK in this Hindi film industry are in a lot of shock.

‘KK was like an idol to us’

One of them is Kailash Kher, owner of Spiritual Voice, in a conversation with TV9, he said, “KK was our senior. My first album only came in 2006, he was like our idol. We respected him a lot. After meeting him, that respect increased even more. Because it was not that if you are a senior, then you will remain stubborn, that person was very good. Then we became friends, sometimes their musicians used to go to our shows, like Rinku Rajput, JD etc., sometimes we used to go to their shows. Didn’t think he was such a famous singer. Kailash Kher’s Delhi connection was also attached to him. Kailash Kher says, “Though they were Malayalis from Kerala, but Delhiites were Mallu and we were Delhiites, so their Hindi was also good. He was very friendly.”

Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher

But Kailash believes that the fans of KK who are raising the issue of AC etc. are useless. Unless something is said officially, he should not be given attention, yet he believes that, “The amount of awareness there should be about live events in India, it is not there. There is complete insurance for all such events abroad, fire brigade, ambulance, a ready doctor, guidelines are fully followed. Then the permission is given. But it is difficult in India, governments should take all this into consideration.

Kailash Kher also believes that backstage management is needed more than what is in front of the stage. He is taken lightly here. Sometimes the crowd reaches even where there are artists. With that crowd, ten or twenty useless men arrive and harass the artist for autographs, photos, etc. spoils the artist’s coolness, he has to prepare for the performance, discuss with the team and the band. This happened to me hundreds of times.” But in the case of KK, he says that, “The artist is already aware of a little bit of misbehavior, but if the artist is feeling uncomfortable, ill health, just before the program, then there may be a problem, check it. Should be.”

‘Inner pressure remains on singer in live shows’

Young singer Amit Gupta, who has given a superhit song like Radhe Radhe Radhe Tere Bina Krishna Lage Adha Adha, who came into the limelight with Indian Idol 5 and has made his mark in many musical shows, has also been associated with KK in the early days of his career. Amit, who was shooting in Goa, told TV9, “KK was such a good person that everyone wanted to learn from him, we used to try to be around him in the studio, so that we just listen to what he says. “

Amit Gupta

Singer Amit Gupta

Regarding the pressure in live shows, Amit Gupta says, “The bigger a singer is, the more pressure is on him to sing better and better, his heartbeat and blood pressure are sure to increase as soon as he comes on stage, in such a situation Until half the show is over, the public’s reaction is not to be seen as desired, the internal pressure remains on the singer in live shows.” Amit says that in live shows you have to sing on highnote, dance together. In such a situation, after two-three songs, you start feeling heat on your mind.

In such a situation, the fans of KK are also claiming that the capacity of this indoor auditorium in Kolkata was 3000, but many people had entered without even passing and a day ago there was a show of KK in the same auditorium, even then AC were not working properly, and even after complaining did not recover the next day. But as said by Kailash Kher and Anu Malik, unless something is said officially, these things should not be taken seriously.

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