KK Passes Away: Before the World Cup in Mohammad Azharuddin’s team, singer KK had filled the enthusiasm, reminded – ‘We are India’


Singer KK sang the 1999 World Cup song

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Singer KK Death: Before landing on the big stage of the World Cup, KK reminded Azhar and Co that ‘Hum Hain India’. Actually, it was the theme song of the Indian team for the 1999 World Cup.

There is a wave of mourning in the whole of India due to the sudden demise of singer KK, so a big reason for this is his passionate voice. The voice that once Mohammad Azharuddin (Mohammad Azharuddin) The team was also full of enthusiasm. Before landing on the big stage of the World Cup, it was reminded that ‘Hum Hain India’. Actually, this is the Indian team for the 1999 World Cup. (Team India) was the theme song. The line of this song was passionate but it was the work of bringing it down in the veins of Azhar & Co. (Singer KK) The voice of Not only the Indian team but also the Indian fans at that time could clearly see the boiling after listening to this song.

Josh high dialogue has become popular now, singer KK had filled this enthusiasm inside Team India with his magical voice only. By singing ‘Hum Hain, Hum Hain India… Josh of India’, he made the Indian team playing the 1999 Cricket World feel that they have the spirit of victory. They don’t have to lose, they have to fight. Regardless of the outcome, you have to enter the field with unwavering intentions.

KK sang for the 1999 World Cup – ‘Hum Hain India’

If you see that passionate song video of KK filmed for the 1999 World Cup, then you will see many glimpses of the amazing wonders that happened in Indian cricket. The video begins with Ganguly and ends with his burying the Indian flag. Meanwhile, glimpses of all the players involved in that Cricket World Cup team are in the video of that song.

Dard, Dosti, Josh and Mohabbat… KK sings more than one song

KK, who started his singing career with the music album ‘Pal’, sang more than one song. Many of his songs sung about friendship have been popular. KK has also had many friends in Indian cricket, on whose departure he has mourned.

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Many Indian cricketers have paid tribute to singer KK by remembering him in their own way. Anil Kumble, Virender Sehwag among players mourning the death of KK , Big names like Yuvraj Singh, VVS Laxman were involved. Let us inform that Singer KK died on Tuesday night after a concert in Kolkata.