KK Last Performance Video: Before his death, KK had shared two pictures on Instagram, the last video of the live performance also surfaced.


Singer KK during a live performance

Image Credit source: Instagram

The iconic song ‘Tadap Tadap Ke’ from Vishal Bhardwaj’s film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ was loved by people so much that wherever KK went to the stage, people would ask him to sing this song.

Krishnakumar Kunnath i.e. KK (KK)Bollywood’s famous singer KK passed away at the age of 53. Actually, he was performing live on Nazrul Manch of Vivekananda College, Kolkata. During the concert, he suffered a heart attack on the stairs, after which he was taken to the Medical Research Institute in Kolkata where doctors declared him dead. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his sudden demise (PM Narendra Modi) has paid tribute and expressed condolences to the family. KK shared two of his pictures on his Instagram account during the live show, which is the last post done through him.

Shared two pictures of live concert

KK had shared two pictures of the live show on his Instagram account and along with it he wrote the caption, ‘Nazrul dancing on stage tonight. Vivekananda College!! Love you all.

Here’s a look at two of his latest pictures from his live performance-

The last video of the live performance also surfaced

Apart from this, the last video of this live performance has also surfaced in which he was seen very happy singing the title song ‘Pal’ of his own album ‘Pal’.

On the sudden demise of KK, his fans and friends including family and Bollywood are in shock. In the pictures shared by KK, he is seen singing a song in his own style. During this, thousands of people are seen gathering in that hall. Even those people who were present in the college would not have thought that they would watch and enjoy the last live show of KK’s life. Moreover, even KK himself would not have guessed that this accident was going to happen to him, but his sudden death has shocked everyone.

His luck in Bollywood was open with the song ‘Chhod Aaye Hum Woh Galliyan’ from Vishal Bhardwaj’s film ‘Maachis’. After that he never needed to look back. Millions of fans of his voice are present in the whole world today. Hearing his spiritual voice, people used to get intoxicated. He also sang songs for many TV shows. Of all the films for which KK sang songs, almost as if he became immortal. Because he got a lot of love from the people. Even today, apart from YouTube, there are many music platforms on which you can listen to the playlist of his best songs.

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The song ‘Tadap Tadap Ke’ had a special meaning in KK’s life.

The iconic song ‘Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikati Rahi’ from Vishal Bhardwaj’s film ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’ was loved by people so much that wherever KK went on stage, people specially requested him to sing this song. And KK also leaves no stone unturned in fulfilling the wishes of the people. This song was very important in KK’s life. Because with this song he got recognized and a golden journey started in Bollywood.