KK death: Singer KK’s concert was crowded, experts said – poor ventilation can lead to heart attack


KK death: Singer KK's concert was crowded, experts said - poor ventilation can lead to heart attack

Singer KK dies due to heart attack

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Doctors say that a person can have claustrophobia when there is a crowd. It is an anxiety disorder, which can interfere with the normal function of the heart and can also increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

Debashree Mohanty and Unnati Gosain

Bollywood singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK, died in Kolkata on Tuesday night, hours after his live performance. According to officials, the 53-year-old singer was feeling unwell after reaching his hotel in the evening after a concert. During the program, he gave an hour-long presentation. His program was in Nazrul Manch of Vivekananda College. He was taken to a private hospital in south Kolkata where doctors declared him brought dead, officials said. A case of unnatural death has been registered in this regard.

KK last posted on Instagram a few hours before performing at the college fest. In one picture, he can be seen holding the mic, and in another, he was greeting the crowd with open arms. In some videos, he is also shown wiping his face with a towel in sweat and complaining about the air-conditioning at the venue. However, he looked ‘fit’ during his final show, as described by many fans, with some even saying he “feeled a little worthless and was sweating throughout the show.” According to college students present at the concert, KK had also asked the organizers to turn down the spotlight. It is said that he had complained to the organizers about the crowd around the stage.

AC was not working on stage

A fan tweeted along with his video and wrote, “AC was not working in Nazrul Manch. He also complained about the huge crowd, as he was sweating profusely. It was not an open auditorium. Take a close look at it you can see how sweaty he was, the closed auditorium, the overcrowding. This legend had to leave due to the negligence of the concerned authority.

Claustrophobia can occur in crowded indoor places where there is no proper ventilation

The videos that surfaced on social media after his death looked like a room packed with people. Doctors say indoor auditoriums combined with heavy crowds can lead to several health issues, including severe claustrophobia, which can result in tremors and a sudden heart attack.

Cardiac surgeon Dr. Manoj Luthra told TV9 that claustrophobia is another form of an anxiety disorder and can cause a sudden reaction in the body to a feeling of anxiety that can create tension in the heart. He said, “Claustrophobia can be due to many reasons. Doing a show in a closed space can definitely cause panic or an adverse reaction in the body of any performer.”

Luthra stressed that anxiety is closely related to heart diseases. He explains, “In severe cases, claustrophobia can interfere with the normal function of the heart and increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. In other cases, it can weaken the heart muscle. In some cases, this form of anxiety disorder can lead to lowered heart rate.”

Symptoms of panic attack can be like heart attack

Are there any prior symptoms of such panic attacks? Is it the same as the experience of having a heart attack? Dr. Luthra said that the two health conditions are very different. He said, “Yes, in some cases the symptoms of panic attack can be like a heart attack. Common symptoms include dizziness, sweating, rapid heart rate, rapid breathing and feeling shaky. But they should be taken very seriously, as a panic attack can lead to sudden stroke and heart attack.”

Dr. Luthra said that if a person already has heart related problems and does not follow the right lifestyle, then it is possible that due to external reasons like claustrophobia or heat or even congested environment, heart failure can happen. .

Health SOPs are often bypassed at most events

Rishabh Agarwal, owner of an event agency in New Delhi and Gurgaon, said that while most events follow standard SOPs, health-specific requirements are often bypassed.

According to him, “Many of us (event managers) are not aware of the health-specific SOPs for an event. We are working under strict protocol for event management which includes adequate space between stage and audience, adequate ventilation and limited seating capacity. These are scientifically proven processes that we take seriously.”

Is correct ventilation possible within indoor venues?

But is it possible to have perfect ventilation within an indoor venue? Aggarwal explains, “Yes, there are different guidelines for this. But most agencies ignore it. Seating capacity is a guideline that cannot be ignored.”

Didn’t they know that a poorly ventilated room could pose a serious health hazard to the performer and/or the audience? He says, “To be honest, we have not faced any such accident till now. But we know that an artist should be relaxed and comfortable in the respective venue before the show. Anything that happens suddenly can cause panic attacks in the artist. We usually rehearse beforehand.”

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