Kidney Stone Foods: If you are suffering from kidney stone problem, then keep distance from these 5 foods


Kidney Stone Foods: If you are suffering from kidney stone problem, then keep distance from these 5 foods

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Kidney patients should avoid eating certain foods. Eating these foods can make your problem worse. Even if you have suffered from kidney problems, you should not eat certain foods, otherwise you may have this problem again.

kidney That is, the problem of kidney stones (Kidney Stone Problem) is becoming common nowadays. The reason for this is today’s poor diet and lifestyle. Due to the problem of kidney stones, the patient has such severe pain that many times it becomes unbearable and he also needs to take injections to control the pain. If you have kidney related problems then you need to pay special attention to your diet because some food items can increase your problem further. Know here which things kidney patients should not eat.

foods rich in protein

Kidney patients should not eat any such thing in which protein is found in high amount. Protein is found in abundance in dairy products. At the same time, calcium is also abundant in it. In such a situation, your problem can increase due to excessive consumption of dairy products. Apart from this, avoid excessive consumption of red meat, egg, soybean and fish etc.

Some vegetables increase the problem

Those people who are suffering from the problem of stones and those people who have been patients of stones. Both should avoid certain vegetables. Such people should avoid eating tomatoes, spinach, brinjal, okra etc. Due to this, the problem of stone patients can increase, as well as those who have had stones, they can have problems of stones again in their kidneys.

excessive salt intake

Whether you have a stone problem or not, consuming too much salt can increase your problem in both the situations. In fact, due to excessive consumption of salt, crystals of calcium or sodium can take the form of stones in the kidney.

Packed Foods

People who have kidney stone problems are forbidden to eat packed food. Actually, sodium is found in large quantities in packaged foods. This can increase the problem in your body much more.

too sweet is not good

Usually people forbid diabetes patients to eat sweets in excess, but excess sugar and artificial sugar in the food increases not only kidney stones, but also all other problems related to kidney. Therefore, avoid eating cold drinks, soda, fruity, sweets, cookies or any such thing in which artificial sugar is used.