How 5 lives were saved by organ donation of a brain dead youth, know the whole story by the words of doctors and patients


How 5 lives were saved by organ donation of a brain dead youth, know the whole story by the words of doctors and patients

Many lives saved from organ donation of a brain dead youth

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The decision of organ donation of a brain dead youth came in handy for many people. According to doctors, 5 people admitted in three different hospitals got new life. These include an army soldier.

Organ donation in India (Organ Donation in India) awareness has increased in recent years. But we are far behind compared to many countries. In France where almost everyone is an organ donor (Organ Donor), while Spain and Iran also have the highest number of organ donations every year. With respect to India, this figure is 0.65 per million. That is, out of 10 lakh people, not even one person donates an organ. However, now awareness is increasing among people about this and they are coming forward and donating organs. How can we be useful to others even after death, how can we give new life to others… The means of this is organ donation. Yes, organ donationOrgan Donation) can bring a new revolution in the medical world. Today we are going to tell such a true story.

On the evening of June 1, Rakesh Prasad, a young man who was badly injured in a road accident in some area of ​​Delhi, goes into a state of brain dead i.e. coma. After all the efforts, the doctors tell that there is no hope of his return. In such a difficult situation, the family of that young man takes such a decision, which no one would have imagined. The parents of that young man decide to donate their son’s organs. The family wants their son to live in this place as many other lives and they decide to donate their young son’s organs to the needy.

Now meet the other characters of this story, who are some doctors who are believed to be God’s form and a 40-year-old compulsive woman. This woman named Rita Jha was dependent on dialysis for the last 7 years. The situation had become so serious that dialysis was done three days a week. That is, understand in a way that more than 5 months in a year used to be spent in the hospital itself. It would have cost a lot of money too. The kidney of husband Siddharth Jha and any of the other family members could not be transplanted due to non-match. In such a situation the family was compelled. Siddharth and Rita Jha also have two small daughters.

Donor’s family came as an angel for 5 people

When 38-year-old youth Rakesh went into a coma, when there was no hope of his coming back, an appeal was made to his family for organ donation. The family happily accepted this. Rakesh’s decision to donate organs came in handy for many people. According to doctors, his organ donation has saved the lives of five people. In Rita’s life too, Rakesh’s family came as an angel.

5 people admitted in three different hospitals got new life. One of these five army personnel are also included, who were treated due to liver failure. According to the information received, heart, cornea and kidney were transplanted respectively in three patients admitted to AIIMS after organ donation. The second kidney was transplanted to a patient admitted in Safdarjung Hospital.

Know the next story from doctors

In the year 2016, the facility of transplantation of kidney received from a cadaver donor or a brain dead donor was started at Safdarjung Hospital. Cadaver donor kidney transplant operation was stopped in the hospital in the year 2017 due to technical reasons. Dr Himanshu Verma, Head of the Department of Nephrology in the same hospital said that only transplants were being done with the organs donated by relatives. But after 5 years this facility has started again.

Dr Anoop Kumar, Head of Urology Department said that after kidney transplant, the health of female patient Rita Jha is improving. Medicines will last for a few months, after that she will be able to lead a normal life. He told that robotic surgery is also done here, in which the possibility of failure is very less.

Dr Sanjay Sood told that such transplants are very challenging and always operated at night. Since there is a long process before the operation. Donor and receiver patients have to undergo many tests. The most accurate is selected. After donating an organ, there is very little time for transplantation. According to doctors, even after the transplant, the patient has to be monitored for several days. At present, the patient’s condition is improving as expected.