Herbs and Spices Day 2022: Consume these herbs and spices for a healthy liver


Herbs and Spices Day 2022: Consume these herbs and spices for a healthy liver

Herbs and Spices Day

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National Herbs and Spices Day is celebrated every year on 10 June. On this day you can keep the liver healthy by knowing about some herbs and spices. Learn about these herbs and spices…

Herbs and Spices Day in America (National Herbs And Spices Day) It is celebrated every year on 10th June. In America, this day started in the year 2015 and its purpose is to share information related to the importance and benefits of herbs and spices. According to reports, every year on June 10 in America, most people eat more spicy food than usual and plant essential herbs in the garden on this day. What is the importance of spices in India, it can be known from the fact that without them it is not possible to cook food here. the herbs there ( Herbs health benefits ) India has an interesting history. Do you know that through liver can be kept healthy.

The liver plays an important role in our body’s digestion, metabolism and detoxification. You can keep the liver healthy with spices or herbs that purify the blood. Learn which spices and herbs you can take the help of for better liver health.


Turmeric with medicinal properties has been used as a medicine since time immemorial. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties are helpful in maintaining the health of our liver. Take a piece of turmeric and boil it in a glass of water and drink it in the morning. It will act as a detoxifying drink.


It has been told in Ayurveda that Triphala is also very effective in keeping the body healthy. This is a kind of powder, which is made by mixing Amla, Baheda and other herbs. Swallow a spoonful of Triphala powder with water before sleeping at night. This will improve the functioning of the liver. If you want, you can also eat Triphala tablets available in the market.


There is a kind of Ayurvedic herb, which is considered beneficial not only for the liver but also for other parts of the body. Consuming it reduces stress and can naturally increase the production of enzymes. If you want, you can also consume Ashwagandha powder.

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Garlic, which enhances the taste of food, is also considered best in keeping the liver healthy. Garlic, which comes in cheap things, has the ability to detox the liver. It contains essential anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties for the liver. Use garlic in vegetables daily.