Heart Attack: There is a difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest, both can cause sudden death


Heart Attack: There is a difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest, both can cause sudden death

Heart attack and cardiac arrest are deadly

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According to doctors, cardiac arrest is more dangerous than a heart attack. In case of cardiac arrest, if you do not go to the hospital immediately, then there is a possibility of death within a few minutes.

Famous singer KK’s health deteriorated during a concert in Kolkata and he died shortly after that. At the age of 53, KK said goodbye to this world. In the preliminary investigation, the cause of his death is being told as a heart attack or cardiac arrest. Both of these are very dangerous diseases of the heart, in which sudden death occurs. However, there is a big difference between a heart attack and a cardiac arrest. In some cases of heart attack, the patient’s life can also be saved, but in case of cardiac arrest, if not treated, death occurs within a few minutes. Let us tell you what is the difference between them and why the cases of these problems are increasing.

Dr. Ajit Jain, HOD, Department of Cardiology, Rajiv Gandhi Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi, explains that cardiac arrest occurs due to a malfunction in the electrical system of the heart. This is a very dangerous situation. In this, the heart suddenly stops beating. If the patient is not taken to the hospital within a few minutes, he may die. Chest pain occurs before cardiac arrest. There is difficulty in breathing and dizziness. Due to sudden stoppage of the heart, blood cannot reach the brain, lungs and other organs in the body. In such a situation, the patient gradually becomes unconscious and his pulse also stops. The risk of death due to cardiac arrest is much higher than that of a heart attack.

This is the difference between the two

According to Dr., due to the increase in bed cholesterol in the body, the arteries of the heart become blocked, due to which the circulation of blood to the heart is not done properly. If the blockage is not corrected through surgery or medicines, then it leads to a heart attack, which leads to death. Sometimes minor heart attack also comes. If he goes to the hospital after identifying his symptoms on time, then the risk of death is averted.

According to Dr., the life of a heart attack patient can be saved. Its symptoms also start appearing a few days or hours before. In a heart attack, the heart does not suddenly stop working, only because of the blockage, the heart has trouble working. If a person is sweating unnecessarily, chest pain, feeling restless or is having trouble in breathing, then the doctors should be contacted immediately.

Giving CPR immediately can save lives

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According to Dr., if someone around you has suddenly fallen unconscious and his pulse is also falling, then it means that he has had a cardiac arrest. In this situation, the patient’s life can be saved by giving CPR immediately. Initially after giving CPR, the patient can be taken to the hospital.