Health care: Do not forget to eat this pulse at night, you may have to face these disadvantages


Health care: Do not forget to eat this pulse at night, you may have to face these disadvantages

These damages can be caused by urad dal

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Pulses side effects: Doctors also recommend to eat things made from lentils once a day, but there is such a pulse, which can cause many health problems if eaten at night. Know about them..

The deficiency of essential nutrients in the body can be overcome by pulses. pulses ( Lentils health benefits ) In protein It happens the most and doctors also recommend eating things made from lentils once a day. One of these pulses is urad dal with black peel. (Urad Dal Side Effects) Which is healthy as well as delicious to eat. In this article, we are going to share some important information related to urad dal with you. Apart from proteins, important nutrients like carbohydrates, fat, vitamin B-6, iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium and potassium are available in the right amount in this lentil. It is considered good for heart to nervous cysts.

However, if this lentil is eaten in the wrong way, then it can also prove to be harmful. It is said that eating it at night should be avoided. By eating this lentils in dinner, you can have many health problems. Know what problems can be caused by eating urad dal at night.

gas problem

Black peeled urad dal is difficult to digest and if you eat it at night, you may get indigestion or gas. Actually, we are more active during the day and it is very easy to digest pulses at this time. By eating it at night, the stomach becomes quite heavy. Try to eat it only in the afternoon.


According to health experts, food should always be taken light at night. While you can make breakfast or lunch heavy, but drink water at all times of the day. If seen, after eating black urad dal, one should drink more and more water, so that it is easily digested. But it is good to take light food and drink less water at night. In such a situation, you can put it in trouble by eating this lentil.

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kidney stones

If you consume urad dal at night, then it can make you a patient of kidney related problems. Kidney stones or dirt can accumulate in it. After eating lentils at night, your stomach becomes heavy, but it is also necessary to drink more water on top of it. It can be difficult to do both these things together, so do not eat black peeled urad dal at night by mistake.