From swelling of feet to relieving joint pain, know the benefits of castor oil!


From swelling of feet to relieving joint pain, know the benefits of castor oil!

Castor oil removes pain in feet

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Sitting with the legs hanging for a long time continuously causes pain in the feet. If you are also troubled by this problem, then castor oil can be of use to you. Know here about all the benefits of castor oil.

Sitting for a long time at the workplace leads to swelling of the feet and pain in the feet. In fact, hanging legs for a long time reduces the supply of blood, due to which the muscles spasm and pain is felt. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable and then taking pain killers seems to be an option. But in this way, eating pain killer too early is also very harmful for health. you from this problem castor oil ,Castor Oil) can provide relief. If the feet are massaged with castor oil every night before sleeping, the stiffness of the muscles is reduced, flexibility comes and pain is relieved. Due to this, the person gets restful sleep. Know here about the benefits of castor oil.

reduces swelling of feet

Castor oil has many properties that work to reduce inflammation. Castor leaves are also very useful for this. Heat castor oil by applying castor oil on castor leaves, tie it in the place where you have swelling. Let it be tied overnight. This will give you a lot of relief in swelling. If you do not have castor leaves, then you can also get relief in pain by massaging the castor oil and covering the area with a cloth.

wound healing

Castor oil contains laxative elements, which are believed to be helpful in wound healing and accelerate the process of tissue growth. This helps in quick healing of wounds. If there is redness in any place, then castor oil also reduces it.

joint pain relief

Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can also give relief in chronic joint pain. If you massage with this oil regularly before sleeping every night, then you get a lot of relief. If you want, you can also do light compresses after massaging.

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relieves cracked heels

You can use castor oil even if there is a problem of cracked heels. For this, wash the feet thoroughly and massage the ankles with castor oil. Due to this, the torn heels are filled quickly and there is a lot of relief.