Father police inspector and son crime king, know the story of four gangsters including Lawrence Bishnoi gang hidden in Punjab


Lawrence Bishnoi Gangster

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When the popularity of Punjabi songs increased, the singers also increased and gangs also intervened in it. The network of these gangsters of Punjab has spread not only in Punjab but also abroad.

Singer Sidhu Moosewala in Punjab (Sidhu Moosewala) was murdered on Sunday. After which today his body was brought to Musa for the last rites. The name of the gang is involved in the murder of Musewala. Big gangsters have been born in Punjab, each gangster has his own story. Let us tell you that in Punjab a man of one gang kills another gang. DGP VK Bhavra has termed the killing as mutual enmity. It is being told that Lawrence Bishnoi gang is responsible for this incident. (Lawrence Bishnoi) K Goldie Brar. The main four gangs active in Punjab are Lawrence Bishnoi Gang, Jaggu Bhagwanpuria Gang, Jaipal Bhullar Gang, Davinder Bambiha Gang. Now let us tell you in detail about these four gangs.

Lawrence Bishnoi network has spread to foreign countries

Born on February 12, 1993 in Ferozepur, Punjab, Bishnoi started showing his terrorist form during college itself. Let us tell you that Bishnoi’s father has been a constable in Punjab Police. Bishnoi completed LLB from Panjab University in 2013. During this time he had joined the student union and there he meets Goldie Brar. A few days ago, Bishnoi had joined the group of black jathedi called gangster. After the union of both the gangs, the total number in their gang has crossed 700.

Let us tell you that Lawrence Bishnoi’s network is spread not only to India but also to Mexico, Italy and Thailand along with criminals. Let us tell you that this gang used to carry out land grabbing, drug smuggling along with murder.

How did gangster Bhullar finally hold the gun?

The second is Jaipal Bhullar gang father was an inspector in the police and the son is the uncrowned king of crime. After the death of the Gounder terrorist, Jaipal Bhullar took over the command of the gang. ISI has been helping Jaipal and the Gounder gang. Jaipal has been an accomplice of Gounder and has been involved in the Sukha Kahlwan murder case. After the frequent encounters of gangsters by the police in Punjab, now Jaipal along with his rival gangsters is trying to join them as well, so that the selected officers of Punjab Police can be killed together.

Davinder Bambiha gang is operating from Patiala

Let us tell you that gangster Davinder Bambiha is killed in an attack. But his gang is still active today. He is operating his gang from Patial Armenia. Gangster Davinder Bambiha used to work for Vicky Lawrence Bishnoi Gang.

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Gangster used to give information from Jaggu jail through bluetooth

Now let’s talk about gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria gang. This gangster associated with the gang used to give orders to the gang members continuously through this Bluetooth from the jail. Along with this, 9 phones were recovered from the gangster in the jail, he was in the process of a big attack along with his associates.