Did KK lose his life due to mis-management? Accused of shutting down AC in a packed hall, repeatedly wiping sweat and drinking water


Photo: Singer Cake presenting a program at Nazrul Manch.

Image Credit source: Tv 9

Famous singer KK died during the program in Kolkata Nazrul Manch. There was a huge crowd in the venue and there have been allegations of the air condition not working properly.

Kolkata’s Nazrul Manch was packed. There were different types of lights everywhere in the auditorium. Bollywood singer KK was singing a song on the stage. In the middle of the song, he was seen repeatedly wiping sweat from his face and forehead with a handkerchief. He was also wearing that handkerchief on his head. He was drinking water repeatedly from a small bottle. This scene can be clearly seen in several videos of Nazrul Manch’s KK Live show on Tuesday. Many people present in the program say that KK was getting sweaty on the stage. Now the question is arising whether he was feeling ill during the ceremony? Questions are also being raised regarding the management of organizing the event. There are allegations of AC shutdown.

From the beginning to the end of the ceremony, KK looked very cheerful, but again and again he was seen wiping sweat and drinking water with a handkerchief placed on the table at the back of the stage. Wiping the face and head, drinking some water and then starting a new song.

There was a huge crowd in Nazrul Manch, accused of not running AC

According to media reports, someone from the side on the stage said in Hindi, “It is very hot.” The artist looked at him and seemed to agree. Then he pointed to one of them and pointed to the lights on the stage and said, “Turn it off.” Then did the song again. The audience present on the Nazrul stage then got intoxicated on KK’s song. However, after his sudden death, many people raised questions about the crowd in the theater. “There was a huge crowd,” said Rohit Sau, a student of the Guru Nanak Institute. Many were standing outside. It was so hot, it seemed that the AC was not working.”

More spectators were present than seats in Nazrul Manch

Before the KK ceremony, Shubhalakshmi Dey sang on stage. He said that after entering the cake, he went to the Green Room and met the artist. KK also spoke well to him. Shubhalakshmi said that he was not looking physically ill at that time. Many people have posted on the internet about the crowd gathered in KK’s program on Tuesday night. Some people complained that the number of spectators at Nazrul Manch was more than the number of seats. Some people complained that the air conditioner in the hall was not working properly. Although some people also countered this.

were getting soaked with sweat due to heat

According to him, it is normal to feel heat inside the hall due to the large number of spectators and high power lighting. Some people claimed that the functionality of the air conditioner could not be realized as the hall door was open. When KK was leaving the stage after singing the last song, it was seen that the artist was sweating on his forehead. The body was also soaked with sweat. From there he returned to the hotel in Central Kolkata. He fell ill in the hotel. After this he was taken to a private hospital near Ekbalpur. There the doctors declared him brought dead.

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