COVID-19 4th wave: Fourth wave of Corona is coming! New variant spread in 7 states, these are all the symptoms

COVID-19 4th wave: Corona virus has caused havoc all over the world for some time now. The arrival of its new variants increases the chances of the next wave. In this sequence, due to the joining of Omicron and Delta, a new variant of Corona has emerged, Deltacron, which has also been identified in India.

The cases of the third wave of corona in the world were decreasing that new cases of COVID-19 have started increasing again. As the restrictions of Corona were being lifted, it was believed that the corona epidemic was over. But recently information has come to the fore that a new variant of the corona has appeared, which can cause the fourth wave (COVID-19 4th wave). The World Health Organization said about this recombinant variant that this situation had to come due to the rapid spread of both Omicron and Delta.

The name of this new variant of Kovid-19 is Deltacron, which has been prepared by joining Omicron and Delta. According to the report, this variant has been identified in India and patients found in 7 states have been kept under observation. These states include Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal, Telangana and Delhi. In such a situation, it becomes very important to know about how dangerous this new variant Deltacron is and what are its symptoms. 

This is how DeltaCron was identified

Deltachron is the recombinant variant, which is a combination of Omicron and Delta variants. Deltacron was identified in February 2022. Actually, scientists at the Institut Pasteur in Paris had seen a new variant of the coronavirus, which was completely different from the previous variants. 

The Deltacron sample came from an elderly man in northern France. On checking the sample, the variant looked quite different. Testing of this variant found that most of its genetics were similar to the delta variant, which was the dominant variant worldwide as of the end of last year. But the part of this variant that encodes the virus’s spike protein and which it uses to move inside cells, came from Omicron. 

 Scientists from the Institut Pasteur said, there is some difference between the DeltaCron variants reported in the UK and the US. Therefore it can also take many forms.

Symptoms of Deltacron

According to the National Health Service, the symptoms of this virus made from the combination of Omicron and Delta are the same as in the previous epidemic. But scientists are still monitoring it and discovering about its other symptoms.  

Delta is considered to be the deadliest form of corona ever and Deltacron is formed by joining Delta and Omicron. If someone is infected with it, then the infected person may feel some mild and some severe symptoms. 

Headache, high fever, sweating, chills, sore throat, persistent cough, fatigue, loss of energy, body ache are the symptoms of BA.2 variant of Omicron. Other symptoms of Omicron BA.2 are fever, cough, sore throat, headache, fatigue and increased heart rate.

According to the study done on Deltacron, the two major symptoms of this variant are dizziness and fatigue, which start feeling within 2-3 days of infection. Some reports suggest that Deltacron is affecting the stomach more than the nose. Due to its effect on the stomach, the patient may experience nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, burning, bloating and digestion problems. 

According to IHU Mediterranean Infection (France) expert Philippe Colson, because there are very few confirmed cases of this variant in the world, it is difficult to say whether DeltaCron will be more contagious or cause serious disease. Is. Apart from this, there is also not enough data, on the basis of which information should be given about this. 

Updated: March 27, 2022 — 01:01

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