Corona: Corona cases are increasing again in Kerala and Maharashtra, is this not the beginning of the fourth wave?


Corona: Corona cases are increasing again in Kerala and Maharashtra, is this not the beginning of the fourth wave?

Corona virus cases increasing in Maharashtra.

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Experts say that the corona virus is continuously mutating. In such a situation, cases of infection may increase in Kerala and Maharashtra in the coming days. So surveillance has to be increased.

For the last few months, the situation was normal in the country due to corona virus, but for the last three days, new cases of infection have started increasing again. There have been 3962 cases in the last 24 hours. A day before this, 4041 cases were registered on Friday. Due to the increasing number of infected, the number of active patients (Corona Active cases) has also increased to 22416. At present, about 50 percent of the total new cases are coming from Kerala and Maharashtra. The positivity rate and the number of active cases are also increasing continuously in these two states. In such a situation, the question arises that why the cases of corona have started increasing again in these two states. Is this a sign of a new wave coming? To know the answer to these questions Tv9 Conversed with Kovid Experts. Let us know what the experts have to say about this.

Health Policy Expert and Kovid Expert Dr. Anshuman Kumar told in the conversation that the third wave of corona had ended in the country in March. Antibodies were then formed in people due to infection with the Omicron variant, but its level keeps on decreasing over time. Because the virus is always present among us. In such a situation, people with weak immunity start getting infected by it. Apart from this, people who have not got the corona vaccine. They also get infected. This is the reason why cases of infection increase every few months.

It also depends on this time that which variant of the virus is present in which area. It may also happen that Omicron sub variants BA.4 and BA.5 are spreading in Kerala and Maharashtra and people are getting infected by them.

Is this a sign of the fourth wave?

According to Dr., the way cases are increasing in Kerala and Maharashtra. A similar trend was seen a while back in Delhi as well. This shows that the virus is mutating and infecting people in different areas, but there is nothing to panic about. Right now the corona epidemic is in the endemic stage. That is, in some states or areas, a few cases will continue to come, but they will not increase to the level that threatens.

Dr. Anshuman says that it is not right to call the cases which are increasing as a sign of any new wave. There is no such thing as a danger of increasing the cases of corona in this way. This happens only in the endemic stage. Right now around four thousand cases are coming every day, it is possible that in the coming days this figure will increase to 10 to 12 thousand, but it is not right to call it a sign of a new wave.

A wave occurs when the cases increase every day two or three times the speed and the number of infected reaches in lakhs. At present, the lethality and infectious capacity of corona virus has decreased. There is no new variant either. Therefore, looking at the current situation, it does not seem that any new wave will come right now. So people do not need to panic. In a country with a large population like India, so many cases of infection will keep on coming.

There is no danger till the arrival of a new variant

Dr. Yudhveer Singh, Professor, Critical Care Department, AIIMS, New Delhi, said that cases are increasing due to lack of immunity and all variants of Omicron, but there is no danger from it. Because the same symptoms are being found in the infected of all variants of Omicron, which were being found in Omicron patients during the third wave. In such a situation, even if the cases increase a little, then there is nothing to worry about. Because the cases of hospitalization and deaths will not increase, but will have to be cautious about any new variants.

People who are getting infected. Genome sequencing of their samples will have to be done continuously and if any new variants are detected in it, then its infected will have to be identified and isolated immediately and symptoms will have to be monitored. With this, there will be no apprehension of danger from the new variant. Hence the states where cases are increasing. There the policy of trace, treat and test will have to be implemented effectively.

This is the season of diseases, put on a mask

Dr. Singh says that many types of bacteria and viruses become active in this season. There is also an increase in cases of fever or flu. In such a situation, people need to defend themselves. Wear a mask if you are going to crowded areas. Take care of hand hygiene. Because apart from corona, it will also protect against monkeypox and other serious diseases. Elderly and people suffering from chronic diseases should take special care of these things.

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Apart from this, people who have not taken the second dose of the vaccine. Get the full vaccination done as soon as possible. The vaccine does not allow the infection to become severe, which reduces hospitalization.