Cancer Treatment: What is immunotherapy, due to which cancer was cured in six months


Cancer Treatment: What is immunotherapy, due to which cancer was cured in six months

Treatment of rectal cancer with the drug dosterlimab

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Doctors tell that many types of tests are done on patients before giving immunotherapy. Based on the report of these tests, it is decided whether the patient will be given therapy or not.

In a research conducted in America, 18 patients of rectal cancer through immunotherapy through Dosterlimab cancer medicine have recovered from this serious disease within six months. Dostalimumab is considered a landmark step in the treatment of cancer. With this medicine, the cancer of the patients has been completely eradicated without surgery. After this research, doctors are very excited about immunotherapy. Experts say that immunotherapy and dosterlimab have raised a ray of hope in the treatment of cancer. However, there is a need to monitor the health of these patients for a few more years. Only then this treatment of cancer will be considered successful.

After this trial in America, there is a lot of discussion about immunotherapy. Generally people are aware of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but few people know that immunotherapy has been used in the treatment of cancer for many years in India too. Let us know from cancer experts what is immunotherapy and how it is beneficial in the treatment of cancer patients.

Dr. Vineet Talwar, HOD, Department of Medical Oncology, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, Delhi. Tv9 Told in a conversation that for the last three years, immunotherapy is being used on cancer patients. This therapy is given to patients of all types of cancer, although the results have not been that good. As seen in the trials on patients of rectal cancer in America. After this trial, great hope has been raised about immunotherapy. Now the importance of this therapy in the treatment of cancer patients can increase significantly.

What is immunotherapy

Dr. Talwar told that there are some cancers that spread in the body, but the cells that spread them hide themselves and the immune system does not recognize these cells. Due to which cancer keeps growing in the body. Some drugs are given in immunotherapy. Through these, the body’s immune system recognizes and destroys the cancer-causing cells. This therapy acts as a checkpoint inhibitor. With its help, cancer-causing cells are exposed and the immune system fights them. This therapy is mainly given in rectal cancer, lung cancer and oral cancer.

difference between chemotherapy and immunotherapy

Dr. told that immunotherapy is given through injection through a drip. At the same time, in chemotherapy, some chemicals are released into the body through saline and medicines. Usually some side effects of immunotherapy are not seen, but in chemotherapy, in addition to cancer cells, some other cells of the body are also destroyed. Because of this, problems like weight gain and hair loss are seen in those taking chemotherapy.

msi test is done

Dr. Talwar told that before giving immunotherapy, molecular test is done. It is also called MSI test. Based on the report of this test, it is decided whether immunotherapy will be given to the patient or not. According to Dr., the patients suffering from rectal cancer in the US, who were tested, it is estimated that all of them had an SMI test, in which all the reports were correct. Apart from this, CAR T cell therapy is also used. In this, T cells are prepared to recognize cancer cells. This therapy is also used in some patients.

Used in every stage

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Dr. Devrawat Arya, Associate Director, Oncology Department, Max Hospital, Delhi, told that immunotherapy is also used on different cancer patients. Like in cervical cancer, this therapy is given when this cancer comes back again in a patient. In oral cancer, this immunotherapy is given in the fourth stage. Now a new hope has arisen in the treatment of cancer with this therapy, although until all the phases of the trial in America are completed and its results are not good. Till then the drug drosterlimab cannot be used on patients. Hope all the trials are successful and the world gets a cure for cancer.