Cancer Drug: Many medicines have come before for the treatment of cancer, but the trial was not successful


Cancer Drug: Many medicines have come before for the treatment of cancer, but the trial was not successful


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Patients with rectal cancer have become completely healthy with the drug dostalimab, although many trials of this drug are yet to be done. Experts say that the health of patients will have to be monitored for at least five years. Only after that this medicine will be considered successful.

The drug Dostarimab is considered to be a great hope in the treatment of cancer. This immunotherapy drug was given to 18 patients suffering from rectal cancer during clinical trials. After taking it for six months, the cancer of these patients was completely cured and no side effects have been seen in them. After this trial, it is believed that if the trials of all phases of the drug are completed and it is successful in them, then the world will get a cure for rectal cancer, although this is not the first time that a drug or therapy has been used for cancer. It has been declared to be effective in treatment. Even before this, some such drugs were described as a treatment for cancer, but they could not pass in the later stages of the trial.

Dr. Vineet Talwar, Director, Medical Oncology Department, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center, Delhi, said that for the last several years, cancer patients are being treated through immunotherapy. But the trial in America is historic. Because all the patients involved in this trial have been affected by immunotherapy and the cancer has been completely eradicated. This research is commendable because patients have been cured without chemotherapy and surgery. This has raised hope in the treatment of cancer, although there is still a need to trial this drug in several phases. Along with this, the number of people involved in the trial will also have to be increased. The condition of all these patients will have to be seen for five years. If cancer is not found in any of the patients, then it will be assumed that the drug dostalimab is effective against rectal cancer.

Such drugs have come before

Dr. told that even before this a drug named Pembrolizumab had come for cancer. Patients who were MMR positive and were suffering from any type of cancer. He was given this medicine. It had an effect, but it could not prove effective on all patients. That is, it was not as successful as was seen in the trial of dostalimab. Pembrolizumab drug was tested on patients with colorectal cancer, but when the next level of trials were done, this drug did not prove to be beneficial in all patients. There are very few drugs for soft tissue sarcoma, ie muscle cancer. There was also a drug for its treatment, but when this drug was given to many patients simultaneously in the phase three trial, its results were not good.

The trial will have to be followed up for a long time.

Dr. Talwar says that at least 400 people need to be included in the trial of dostalimab drug. Because the study of 18 patients is very small. Unless it is tested on more patients, it will not be considered successful.

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But if the result of this medicine is good for five years, then it will be a miracle in the treatment of cancer and people will be able to get rid of this dangerous disease. Because if the patient is recovering from rectal cancer before chemotherapy or surgery, then it will be a great achievement in the history of medicine.