Cancer Drug: How true is it that 100% effective treatment of cancer is available


Cancer Drug: How true is it that 100% effective treatment of cancer is available

Rectal cancer is also called colon cancer

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In the US, 18 patients suffering from rectal cancer have been trialed for the drug Dosterlimab, in which scientists have claimed that the cancer tumor has been eradicated with this drug within six months.

Recently a research has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In which there is a claim of getting cancer treatment. In this research, scientists have tested the drug Dostarlimab on 18 patients with rectal cancer. On the basis of which it has been said that the cancer causative tumor has been completely eradicated in just 6 months with this medicine. Scientists involved in the research say that after the trial, when the patients’ endoscopy, PET scan and MRI were done, the tumor was not found. Whereas before this all these people had also done chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery. But they did not get much benefit. Tumors in all patients were completely eradicated with the drug dosterlimab.

Study author Dr. Luis Diaz says that dosterlimab is a drug that has eliminated cancer. This is the first time in history that a drug has proved to be so effective on cancer. No side effects of this drug have been seen. This study is a great success in the treatment of cancer. ? to know Tv9 The country’s well-known cancer experts have spoken to.

Dr. Anshuman Kumar, HOD, Department of Oncology, Dharamshila Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi, said that this medicine is definitely a ray of hope, but at the moment it is not right to say that cancer treatment has been found. This drug has been used only on 18 patients and its effect needs to be seen for the next few years. According to Dr., all the patients included in the research will have to be followed up for the next five years. If cancer is not found in them during this period. Only then can it be said that cancer has been cured by this single drug.

So don’t get excited right now. Do not even think that the treatment of cancer has been found. . So we have to wait for the next few years.

Study has been done on only one type of cancer

Dr. Anshuman said that this study has been done only on rectal cancer. While there are millions of cases of breast cancer, cervical, blood and colon cancer worldwide.

According to Dr., such a message is being sent from some media reports that the treatment of cancer has been found, but it is not good. Because this will create enthusiasm among people about this medicine and they will try to get it applied, although no hospital can apply this medicine right now. This has not been approved by the Expert Committee. Until the trial of all its levels is completed and more people are not included in the trial. Till then this drug may not get clearance and it will not be available in the market.

According to Dr., earlier also a study had come about a similar drug. In which it was said that the drug is 100 percent effective on cancer, but after some time that drug did not have an effect and it could not succeed in the next phase of trial.

This is how this medicine works

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Dr. Anshuman told that the body’s immune system is not able to differentiate between normal cells and rectal cancer cells. Like the corona, rectal cancer cells also disguise themselves, due to which the immune system does not recognize them and the disease becomes serious, but the drug dosterlimab detects and exposes rectal cancer so that the immune system recognizes the cancer and treats it. Fights and finishes.