Cancer: 75 thousand deaths occur due to oral cancer every year in India, these are the symptoms of this disease


Cancer: 75 thousand deaths occur due to oral cancer every year in India, these are the symptoms of this disease

Long-term sores in the mouth are a sign of oral cancer

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Oral cancer, or oral cancer, causes thousands of deaths every year. Tobacco use is the main cause of oral cancer. It also increases the risk of lung cancer and heart diseases.

Oral cancer cases are increasing continuously in the country. According to data from Globocon, around 11 percent of all cancers are of the lips and mouth. Many of these patients also die. Every year 75 thousand patients lose their lives due to oral cancer. This includes cancer of the inner part of the cheek, tongue and jaw. It is also called head and neck cancer. Symptoms of this cancer start appearing very early, but most people are not aware of them and in many cases people ignore them. In such a situation, he goes to the doctors in the advanced stage. Due to which there is a lot of trouble in the treatment.

Dr. Akshat Malik, chief surgeon and consultant for throat cancer at Max Hospital, Delhi, says that the biggest cause of oral cancer is tobacco consumption. Tobacco is consumed in the form of cigarettes, khaini, gutkha and paan etc. People who drink alcohol along with the use of tobacco. Their risk of getting oral cancer increases manifold. Also, oral hygiene can also be caused by not taking care of oral hygiene. Apart from oral cancer, smoking can also cause lung cancer and heart diseases.

According to Dr. Malik, sores on the tongue, ulcers in the mouth, loss of teeth and bleeding gums and difficulty in swallowing food while eating are the early symptoms of oral cancer. In case of any such symptom, the advice of doctors should be taken immediately. Cancer can be detected at an early stage by doing a biopsy of the lesion site. Therefore, one should not be negligent in such matters.

Here are the methods of protection

Dr. explains that to avoid oral cancer, it is most important that smoking and tobacco should not be consumed. Along with this, it is also important to take care of oral hygiene. Clean the tongue and mouth regularly. Brush your teeth in the morning and at night before sleeping. Take care of the diet and exercise at least half an hour daily. If you consume tobacco and have red spots on the tongue or white marks in the mouth, then consult a doctor immediately. Do not be careless in this matter at all.

This is how it happens

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According to Dr., cancer is treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the early stages. In most cases, radiotherapy is done in the third stage. Apart from this, oral cancer is also treated by surgery. Doctors perform surgery to remove the cancerous tumor. During this, some part of the tongue and the jaw bone can also be removed.