Brain Tumour: This new technique will successfully treat brain tumor, the risk of death will also be less


Brain Tumour: This new technique will successfully treat brain tumor, the risk of death will also be less

Brain tumor is a dangerous disease

The prevalence of brain tumor disease is increasing. There are different types of cases according to age. Doctors say that timely operation of brain tumor is very beneficial. People should get this surgery done without any worry.

Brain tumor cases are increasing every year around the world. This is a serious brain disease. Because if there is even a slight effect on the brain, then there can be a problem of life. In such a situation, it is advisable to take diseases like brain tumor very seriously. Doctors say that it is important to identify the symptoms of brain tumor at an early stage. With this, treatment can be done easily, although now many new techniques have also come. Which can lead to successful treatment of brain tumours. According to Dr. Anil Kumar Kansal, Senior Director, Spine Surgery Department, Shalimabagh Max Hospital, most people think that if brain surgery is done, it can lead to permanent paralysis, but it is not so.

People need to be told that in today’s era, operations are done with high-tech equipments in very safe ways with zero risk. For this, better doctors and centers are needed. Kansal says that there has been a lot of progress in the field of neurosurgery. In which brain tumor operations are done through very small incisions. Through endoscopy, neurosurgeons can easily diagnose and treat the condition inside the brain. An endoscope is a thin tube-like instrument with a camera attached to it, and with the help of this, doctors are able to remove the tumor from the brain without harming the healthy part of the brain.

increasing cases of brain tumors

Dr. Shailesh Jain, Principal Consultant, Department of Neuro and Spine Surgery says that the spread of brain tumor disease is increasing. According to the age, its different types of cases come. Dr. It is said that timely operation of brain tumor is very beneficial, not only can this disease be avoided, but it also prevents many other diseases,

symptoms of brain tumor




trouble with physical activity

Who is at risk of brain tumor?

According to Dr., only 5-10 percent of cancer cases are those who have a family history. That is, if someone in your family has or has had a brain tumor, then you can also have this disease. Its chances are very less. Apart from this, if a person lives near chemicals and radiation, then the risk of brain tumor increases in them too.

Methods of detection of brain tumor

CT Scan: A CT scan of the head of a tumor patient is done.

MRI- MRI means Magnetic Resonance Imaging. With this the things inside the body are seen. It is different from CT scan and where the tumor is located in it is known.

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f-MRI: This is a part of MRI itself. With its help, it can also be seen which part of the brain is working. Its results are very accurate.