Bad Breath Problem: If you want to avoid bad breath, then make a distance from these things, get freshness in breath like this

The fresh scent of breath is associated with dental hygiene. Some food items also work to increase bad breath, while some special food items increase the smell of breath. Some things contain natural compounds that work to eliminate bad breath.

Bad breath is a problem that is related to personal hygiene. Due to this, many types of problems related to health have to be faced. The effect of food is also related to bad breath. Bad breath in medical language is called ‘Halitosis’. According to experts, the fresh scent of breath is associated with dental hygiene. For this it is also important to know what kind of food items work to increase bad breath.

Food items that increase bad breath-

1. Onion and garlic come first among the things that increase bad breath. The amount of sulfur in them is high, so its effect is visible immediately after eating it. Sulfur gets absorbed into our blood and comes out when we exhale, causing bad breath.

2. The next food item is cheese. It contains amino acids that combine with naturally occurring bacteria in the mouth to form a sulfur compound. Their reaction also produces hydrogen sulfide, which is known to have a very bad odour.

3. There is also a need to distance yourself from drinks like coffee and alcohol. Both of these things dehydrate the mouth and cause foul-smelling bacteria to flourish. Alcohol stays in our blood for a long time, so its effect also remains for a long time.

4. Excessive amount of sugar also works to increase bad breath. It increases the level of candida yeast in the mouth. This high amount of sugar can be recognized by a white tongue. This is a sign that you need to pay attention to your diet and dental habits.

Things to get rid of bad breath

1. The first thing to get rid of bad breath is green tea. It provides antioxidants and contains natural compounds that fight bad breath. They also keep the level of hydration good, thereby eliminating bad breath.

2. Mint leaves also bring fresh breath. The natural chemicals found in it work as a treatment for bad breath. You can easily drink it by adding it to salads, parathas or even making juice.

3. Cloves also contain natural ingredients that act like antibacterials. Chew cloves immediately after eating food for fresh breath or you can also make tea and drink it.

4. Apart from this, include good dental hygiene in your routine. Brush twice a day, rinse with mouthwash and flossing regularly. Sometimes bad breath can also be associated with cavity, gum disease or some internal disease. In such a situation, if necessary, contact the doctor also.

Updated: March 27, 2022 — 00:47

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